Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The [Cherry] Ride FAQ

Yeah, I'm back. Some of you have questions. Let me attempt to answer them....

So, why are you back?
- Hell if I know. It is going to be an interesting couple months/year ahead of me, and I want to keep a record of it, I suppose.

What did you do while you were on hiatus?
- Went to the Obama election rally in Grant Park.
- Did really well in school last semester, despite the concept maps.
- Stopped working full-time so I could go to school full-time instead*. In fact, pretty much stopped working altogether.
- Cursed the Chicago winter - daily from about Nov. 1 through last week.
- Bought the new Kelly Clarkson album. Don't judge, bitches.
- Went to a friend's wedding in Boston with some old friends, including ReckenRoll. And let me tell you that woman knows her way around a sushi menu.
- Got accepted to my #1 and #3 nursing school choices (screw you, OHSU!) and am procrastinating on making a final decision.

I used to see/hear/get texts/get comments on my blog from you, but you pretty much stopped going out/calling/texting/reading my blog over the last six months. Dude, what the hell happened to you?
- I have no good answer for this. I just sorta checked out, I guess. On the plus side though, I really got my money's worth on my Netflix subscription.

Anything new and exciting to report?
- Every Monday and Wednesday, I eat a lunch consisting of: corn nuts, two chocolate donuts, and a Coke Cherry Zero big gulp.
- On a daily basis need to fight the urge to Stab somebody. Just for the hell of it.

What's troubling you these days?
- Why it is so impossible to find a pair of flat-front, low-rise slim fit khakis? I mean, WTF people?
- Glenn Beck

What's in store for the summer?
- I'll be staying here in Chicago through mid-August and I've developed some pretty "ambitious" plans, which include:
- An Abnormal Psych class M-Th mornings.
- Buying a wetsuit for daily 2-mile swims at Ohio Street beach after class.
- A Rowing class with the Lincoln Park Rowing Club a few nights a week in June.
- Maybe a Fencing class in July.
- Pre-reading on Pathophysiology while laying in the sand at North Ave. and Hollywood beaches.
- A book a week, every week (not counting the above mentioned Abnormal Psych and Pathophysiology).
- Summer shandys, shorts and flip-flops. Every day.
What do you think of this whole Swine Flu thing?
- People just need to calm down and wash their hands. That, and maybe start amassing bottled water and firearms for the coming armageddon.    

* Some may say this decision was mine to make; others may say the decision was pretty much made for me. Details, really.

Monday, April 27, 2009

No, I Will Not Follow You on Twitter (Or: Why My Blogroll Has Shrunk)

Sometimes when I read my last post before my hiatus, I get a laugh at the parts where I wrote "I'll probably be gone for a month or two..." and "... But I won't be completely gone - I'll just live vicariously through those on my blogroll."

Hah. Turns out, I lied about both. 

Up until last week, I hadn't looked at another blog since the day I stopped writing mine. So earlier today when I decided to start catching up on my favorites, I was surprised to see that some of them no longer existed, or are also on hiatus. Or worse, they're no longer "blogs" and instead are "Tumblrs" or "Twitters" or "microblogs" or some shit like that. Dude, I can barely feign interest in your regular-size blog; what makes you think I want to follow your cutesy little one? 

See, you have to understand: The last time I was blogging I was still heavily involved in the hi-tech industry. Now I'm not. The part of me that used to care about fancy high-falutin' crap like that has been replaced with - indifference. In fact, I'm actually regressing in my technology lifestyle - for example, I traded in my iPhone for a shitty $9 Go Phone (not kidding). So your request to follow you on Twitter? Not going to happen. But good luck with that. 

My blogroll has been adjusted accordingly.  You're welcome.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Don't Call It A Comeback...

So I have been planning a return. Maybe next week. 

There's a lot* to catch up on, but today is a big day. Last week I was accepted to Georgetown's accelerated Nursing BSN program, and today I find out if I get the scholarship I've applied for. With it, G-town is affordable and worth attending; without, hella expensive and I'll probably go elsewhere.

So I'm talking to my dad a few minutes ago and he asks me how my day is going so far and I tell him it is fine, but I'm nervous about this scholarship news (which should arrive in my email inbox any second now) and his response: "Well, you should be."

Thanks, Dad.

* Not really, no.