Tuesday, September 09, 2008

State of the Blog: Flatlining

Saturday afternoon I attended a barbeque and had a conversation with two friends, one of whom is currently a blogger, the other a former blogger. Our conversation went something like this:

Ex-blogger: "So, are either of you blogging these days?"

Blogger: "Not so much these days."

Me: "Not really, no."

Ex-blogger: "Yeah, it just got too tedious for me."

Blogger: "Plus, it's cyclical. Right now there's nothing really exciting going on in my life that people would want to read about. Who cares that I went out and had a few drinks last night?"

Me: "Exactly. Plus, who has the energy?? I mean, I could go out on Friday night and try to have some fun, or I could just stay home and eat ranch flavored Wheat Thins with EZ Cheese while watching HGTV and continue to not study."

Ex-blogger: "Exactly."

Blogger: "Totally."

Me: "Fuck yeah."

The above conversation pretty much exemplifies how I feel about blogging these days. It would be one thing if I was too busy (I'm not) or was focusing my energies elsewhere (I'm not. Sorta.), but neither of those things is true. I'm simply just not really into it right now. And it has been that way for many many many many weeks now.

So I'm taking (yet another) little hiatus. A breather. Probably for a month or two until hopefully I re-charge my blogging batteries. Maybe longer, maybe not so long. But I won't be completely gone - I'll just be living vicariously through those on my blogroll. 

Ciao for now, bitches. Proper!



Anonymous said...

i prefer you in real life, anyway. have a good break. -kb

ReckenRoll said...

I am back from my break, but kinda wish I was still on it. I feel your pain.

Mr. Shain said...


Ellen Aim said...

Why do I feel like you're breaking up with me? And what the fuck does that say about MY life?

I'm not going to meet someone like Diane Court at a kegger.

Sadcakes5000 indeed.

Chardsy said...

Have you seen my lame ass posts lately? I know exactly how you feel.

(I am taking sadcakes5000 and making it my own, thanks Mr.Shain.)

Essentially Me said...

Aww I love me some Cherry. Miss you!!

KateR - Seattle/London/wherever said...

NOOO! I'm going to miss you!

I'm Frank said...


But I want to hear more about your adventures eating ranch flavoured Wheat Thins with EZ Cheese while watching HGTV.

Mr. Shain said...

p.s. don't you mean "flatlining?" as a future medical professional, you might want to know that.


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Sure, take a break, you've earned it, but AFTER you post the survey I filled out. Did I do that for nothing??????

In all honesty, my blogging has been dwindling BIG TIME since I started my REAL job and I'm trying to be a REAL writer.

Let's just have a blog recess and play kick ball.

Kadonkadonk said...


5 of 9er said...

I ate an orange today... wonder if I should blog about that. Probably not. Your post is too true.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Wheat Thins suck ass. Stick with Cheetos.

minijonb said...

hey, i was going to live vicariously thru you! now what will i do?

Julie_Gong said...

chardsy - i would like to point out that mr shain officially stole sadcakes5000 from me.

mr shain - i hope you can feel this middle finger i am giving you.

cherry - you are a baby. suck it up babypants! now i will just have to facebook stalk you.

A Blog of a Good Time: Smartpants

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Ranch flavored Wheat Thins suck ass more than you do, my homersexual fiend!

Frank said...

Dear Cherry,

Please return soon, for I have noticed a dramatic dropoff in threats to my life.


Your Arch Nemesis

Essentially Me said...

Happy New Year!

5 of 9er said...

Where is this new post you've been talking about?

Mr. Shain said...

you know what's worse than not blogging? sending out text messages about blog posts that dont/wont exist!

also, most of your posts from 2008.

Sean said...

if you know mr klein tell him to go back on his blog.

Karen said...

This is funny.

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