Friday, August 21, 2009

They're Not Lying - It Really Is Better in the Bahamas

Instead of spending my last possible weekend in Chicago hanging out on the beach, grabbing some good grub, and enjoying a few libations, I travelled to the Bahamas with my family where I instead... hung out on the beach, grabbed some good grub, and enjoyed a few libations. Life this summer has been tough.

The Miss Universe Pageant was happening and hosted at our hotel. Which might sound cool, but it wasn't. For example, when we wanted to ride The Current, we had to wait for those bitches to finish up some lame contest/PR stunt on the ride site before we could get on. I was this close to calling management.*  

However, at one point in the weekend I saw Miss New Zealand walking through the hall (along with some other contestants) and yelled out, "Kiwis Rule!" That declaration seemed to startle and confuse her, not unlike that whole panda sneezing You Tube vidja.

Other highlights from the weekend included:
  • Sharing the flight from Chicago to Miami with Erik Estrada. Would have loved to approach him and ask if he had a license for that taco.**
  • Sitting a table over from Debbie - sorry, Deborah - Gibson at dinner.
  • Seeing Dick Vitale at the resort's Ben & Jerry's (hun?). Would have loved to approach him and say, "That Chunky Monkey's awesome, baby!"***
  • Skinny dipping - not once, but twice - in the ocean at midnight. 
  • I also learned that I might possibly be allergic to shellfish/seafood. So I've got that going for me. 
Also, I realize that doing a swim workout while buzzed can be fun and make the time go by really fast. But that's a whole 'nuther post....

* Not really, no. I was too drunk.
** Please tell me somebody gets this reference.
*** Not really, no. I was too drunk.


Girl Friday said...

I think I get it, didn't Ponch do a Taco Bell advert awhile back and used that line? Moreover, Am v. jealous of the D Gibson sighting. Loved her when I was a tween. Only in my dreams....

Kritkrat said...

Did you know it was Miss New Zealand because they were all walking around wearing their sashes everywhere? Or have you memorized the Miss Universe roster?

aarongrey112 said...

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