Friday, December 08, 2006

Actual Dreams/Nightmares I’ve Had in the Last Three Weeks

Ranked in order from least to most disturbing:

  1. Went to go see a movie, but we kept going to the wrong theater.
  2. Went shopping on a street in a strange city that resembled London, only this city street was about 30 stories up in the sky and there was constant danger of falling off the sidewalk. And I don’t even think I bought anything!
  3. Boarded a train for a long journey away from home, saying an emotional goodbye to all my friends and family, only to have the train drop me off minutes later right where I started.
  4. I began falling backwards down the marble-like stairs in Kane Hall (the assembly hall at my grade school).
  5. It was hot day in the city, and every attempt I made to drive to the beach was blocked by traffic, construction, or my car simply not working.
  6. Went for a swim at Maroubra Beach, when suddenly a storm came up and the water turned green and I started to drown.
  7. My teeth became brittle and began falling out one by one, with bits of them getting stuck in my gums causing me to constantly spit in order to get them out.
  8. Had to eat big live bugs ala “Fear Factor” style, only I wasn’t on a game show or in a contest; I just had to eat them for some reason. And it was difficult – they kept crawling out of my mouth as I tried to swallow them. (Later in this same dream, I tried to vomit the bugs out of my stomach but they were so packed in there nothing would come up/out.)
  9. Tried leaving comments on other people's blogs, but Blogger wouldn't let me!


Julie_Gong said...

I keep having a dream that I am pregnant and don't know until I'm about to have the baby.

I've had the teeth falling out dream. It is freaky!

5 of 9er said...

Went to a coffee shop and couldn't stop talking about Madonna... uh, no... that was real.
Thanks for finally posting something this week!

Dop said...

Well, I am not sure about the bugs, but all the others seem to be rather regressive dreams - going back to something, falling into something, childhood - and I think they have something to do with Richard, albeit very positive.

Now that he is in the US, perhaps your subconscious is journeying back in time. Regressing back to when he was here before, when you were happy and together. You seem to be going back to something, and I think this is a possibility.

Mood Indigo said...

I have lost my teeth in my dreams in every way possible. I can usually figure out at the very end of the dream that it is just that (a dream), and then I marvel at the absolute creativity of my subconscious to come up with oh-so many ways to lose my teeth. Most dream book interpretations say it has something to do with insecurity. Hold me.

Lori Mocha said...

Apparently, dreams that your teeth are falling out are very common.

(according to

Jader said...

Well, from my very profesional opinion, you are definitely pregnant. Congratulations! And you didn't even need First Response to figure it out.

classyandfancy said...

I think these all mean that you should stop:
1)having fun

[Cherry] Ride said...

Gonger: I've had that dream too!

Niner: This is my second post this week, dude. And that Madonna/coffeeshop sounds like a nightmare!

Dop: Can I hire you as my shrink? I need one.

Indigo: How was the party?

Mocha: Glad I'm not the only one. That teeth one freaks me out!

Jader: Pregnant? But who my baby daddy??

Classy: Only if you will.

darci ann said...

wow, i'm suprised you're not sporting some insomnia! I love dreams and they make going to sleep so much fun, but man Nick at Nite would be looking pretty good to me at this point.

Remembering you get what you pay for - my free analysis: is there something you need to do/ something you need to finish, that you just can't do/get to, etc?

Katie in the UK said...

I love dream interpretation. You have to look at what all the dreams have in common.

My theory is that all these dreams are about starting something that you think will be fun but are scared about doing even though you know it will be ok (shopping on a dangerous street but not really scared, emotionally psyched for a long train journey that actually never leaves) or are frustrated about not getting to do yet (not seeing the movie you want to see, trying to get to the beach but can't)

What do you think of them apples?

carolyn says said...

i am one of those who has teeth loss dreams all the time, i've done a little checking into it and everything seems to say that it is about loss of control and fear of aging (which is something you can't control after all). in one of my dreams i lost a tooth at a ham radio swap meet in dayton ohio with my dad and when the tooth came out there was a bug crawling on the root of it. my dad tried to get me to go to the swap meet dentist, he had a folding table and a dentist chair, but i refused. this is possible the most vivid dream i have ever had. just thought i'd share that.

Mood Indigo said...

party = peach margaritas = good. (SoCal work Christmas parties are frequently held at Mexican restaurants if that explains the not-so-very holiday themed drinks)