Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The [C]R Interview: 6 Questions with Classy & Fancy

Yes, the much-missed 6 Questions Interview is back this week, with Ms. Classy & Fancy boldly stepping up to the plate.

I started reading Classy's blog about two years ago, immediately drawn to her wit and love of pandas, Anderson Cooper and Monchichis. But when she revealed that one of her all-time favorite words is ointment, well, I was hooked.

Since then, we've crossed over to the dark side and become friends in real life, starting the award-winning* Liar's Club (with Niner and Dr. Ken); we've hung out at Lollapalooza and Smith's Night at Danny's, and she's (kinda) witnessed me vomit. We're tight.

Classy is also going to learn me the Little Superstar dance moves, which she once revealed at a St. Patty's Day party and brought the room down.

PS - It is Her Birthday today too!

So let's get to it:

  1. True or False: It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp. False. You’re all good as long as you keep your pimp hand strong, have the right mixture of ladies (maintain an open market) & don't have to compete on Wayne Brady's turf.
  2. Song Played at My Funeral? The song I want played at my funeral is Sandstorm by Darude because it is one of the most ridiculously awful songs I’ve ever heard, but when played will be sure to make people laugh and possibly do some weird club/euro dance moves. Also, I’ve been known to do a wicked impersonation of it accompanied with some stellar club moves circa 1993. I’d like for that to be the parting memory of me.
  3. Name three actors/actresses who will play you in the movie biopic of your life, ala I’m Not There: The Early Years: Ke Huy Quan (of Short Round and Richard “Data” Wang fame) and I would make him say “Indy, Cover Your Heart!” I would also have to give some halfsies/hapas some work: Meg Tilly (don’t get her confused with her high pitched, buxom sister, Jennifer, maybe this movie will be the one to get her out of retirement); Maggie Quigley (she was in Balls of Fury, I think she could use the help).
  4. If you could change one thing about yourself, it would be…? My inability to finish a book in the last two years, I blame HGTV & HDTV.
  5. Fill in the blank: A ________ is not a _________. A refrigerator is not a food closet.
  6. Word Association: Donut? Holes, Shia Labeouf (that’s three, sorry).

* Award for being the most awesome blog ever.


His Royal Highness, Prashant said...

Oooooh! Do me! Do me!

Hex said...

No time for love Dr. Jones!!!

House of Jules said...

Happy birthday, Classy & Fancy! I hope Anderson Cooper pops out of a panda-shaped birthday cake for you!
House of Jules

5 of 9er said...

Good call on the song choice Classy!

Julie_Gong said...

oh classy how i've missed your wit and banter.

happy birthday frenemy.

Kadonkadonk said... classy asian?

classyandfancy said...

I prefer to be called a halfsie, but you call me a classy asian if you'd like.