Friday, September 21, 2007

The Overrated List

This month's Radar Magazine features their "Hype Report" - a list of the 44 Most Overrated Things. Not a bad list (I agree with their assessments on #4 Brad Pitt, #27 Jake Gyllenhaal and #42 Twitter), but I think I can do better.

For example, they list "cupcakes" as #2 (huh? cupcakes are awesome!). And "blogging" comes in somewhere close to the top. Which is crap since everyone knows it should be #1. So without further ado:

The [Cherry] Ride Overrated List (in alphabetical order):

  1. Alan Greenspan (retire already)
  2. Anything and everything related to American Idol (except Kelly Clarkson)
  3. Broadway plays based off old TV or movies
  4. Brooklyn (get over yourself already)
  5. CBS (Two and a Half Men? Cold Case?)
  6. Flip flops (sure, I'm as guilty as the next person, but unless you live in the tropics or are heading to the beach, these should not be worn)
  7. Green (the color, not the movement)
  8. Google (Trust me: No company is more evil than one whose motto is "Don't Be Evil')
  9. High School Musical (especially that Zac kid)
  10. Irish Pubs (Not located in Ireland. Wow, I can order a Guinness! Gimme a break.)
  11. Miami (close second: Seattle)
  12. Meerkats
  13. Mojitos
  14. Perez Hilton (I saw him on MTV and I hate this fucker.)
  15. Pixar movies (with the exception of The Incredibles, of course)
  16. Ringtones (So your phone belts out Fall Out Boy when it rings. You're a douche.)
  17. Sushi (Overpriced bourgeoisie bullshit)
  18. Text messaging
  19. Vanity Fair
  20. Wine

Coming soon - the [C]R list of the 20 Most Underrated People, Places and Things.


Prashant Sridharan said...

I take exception to the Greenspan one. He's awesome. The autobiography is brilliant.

Mr. Shain said...

wow, we're so not friends anymore. not that we ever were, but you get the idea. i completely disagree with the following: 1,6,7,11,13,17,19,20. i strongly agree with the following: 18.

Todd said...

Ouch! Vanity Fair? That one hurt, but at least it is #19. The rest of the list is fine, although I think I would have to replace #6 with the even more ridick Crocs.

ReckenRoll said...

I STRONGLY DISAGREE with 17. As punishment, you will have to take me out for sushi when we are in Chicago.

And what do you have against Meerkats?

ReckenRoll said...

Oops. I also STRONGLY DISAGREE with #20. You now also have to take me out for wine.

Why do you make me hurt you?

carolyn says said...

but I'm trying to find a ring tone that plays Hello by Lionel Richie. I think that would be different and therefore okay

Rob said...

#12 made me laugh out loud at my desk. I was just talking to Colleen about this last night after a Meerkat Manor ad. Who the hell thought of making a soap opera out of rodents who spend 80% of their time twitchely watching for eagles.

Extended applause for #10 also.

Rob said...

My underrated list:

Bright-colored soles that flash some color when you walk.

Big MuthaFucka over the ear earphones. Down with ear buds, up with earphones.

Holly Hunter. Have you seen her incredible 50-year old bod on Saving Grace?

Bud Light. Enough already with the poser beers. Nothing quite satisfies like a bottle of ice cold Bud Light.

Surface. What the hell happened to that intriguing show? Has it been absent two seasons already?

FX -- Denis Leary's Rescue Me, Courteney Cox's Dirt, Michael Chiklis' The Shield, and Danny Devito's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

KAZ said...

Wine overrated??
I'd say food!

One Lil Aussie said...

So many of your clothes are green, you have green does that make you and your 'fashion sense' overrated???
Also Pixar...not overrated.
Flip flops...SOOOOO not overated...except in winter!
Nuff said!

One Lil Aussie said...

and a final note...what colour were the flip flops you just bought??? Thats! ;)

Mighty Dyckerson said...

You know what else is overrated? Numbered lists.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Prashant:: Hmmm. That's all I get? I thought you'd at leastappreciate my runner-up for #11.

Shain:: I cannot describe how sad it makes me that we are no longer friends. Go get Blythe. I miss Blythe.

Recken:: Sushi - No. Wine - maybe.

Carolyn:: OK, good call.

Rob:: I know!

Rob:: Agree with most of it except Bud Light. And "Always Sunny in Philly" is also on my underrated list (which I'll be posting next week).

KAZ:: Sorry, but true.

OLA:: Yeah, I may have to re-think my wardrobe. And those fucking flip-flops gave me nasty blisters.

Dyck:: I knew someone was going to give me that response. I figured it might be you (or Shain).

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Good list, dude!

I'm so glad Jake Gizinhall made that list. I always thought he was a sucky actor.

RevRee said...

But I love text messaging!

Mr. Klein said...

I second the Crocs, and Mojitos, and anything they're calling a "martini" (except one). But those damn meerkats, they're so cute!

Mr. Klein said...

1. Jobs

Mr. Shain said...

can i add this blog to the list? is that possible?

Julie_Gong said...

Have you seriously ever watched Meerkat Manor? That shit is tiiiiight.

And I agree with mr klein... jobs should be #1.

blythe said...

i can only assume that i am #1 on your upcoming list of underrated people.

Catherinette Singleton said...

Thank god you included High School Musical on there! Thank god!

lp said...

Alright and I are gonna scrap kid...
5. CBS - hello..How I Met Your Mother is THE greatest show on tv!
6. Flip flops rule!
13. Mojitos are super yummy, you just aren't a fan of mint..we had this discussion at Coobas..but that doesn't mean because YOU don't like them they are overrated.
15. Pixar - commie
18. Text messaging - some of us have a lot to say so back off ;).
20. Wine - is this because you would prefer a wine cooler?..please! See if me and 9er share any of our yummy Oregon wine with you.

minijonb said...

yes, cupcakes are amazing. nice list.

ReckenRoll said...

Because I have a little too much time on my hands today...

It seems like your readers agree on #s: 2,3,4,8,9,7,14.

Can we add Netflix? I tried it after hearing so many good things and well, it's over rated.

chuckdaddy2000 said...

How about DVD players? If you don't watch the extras, I really don't see the point. I certainly can't see the difference in the picture. And those forced intros are just as bad as having to fast forward.

And sushi is awesome.

Ellen Aim said...

Mint mojitos? Who wants their alcohol minty? Unless it's a grasshopper, that's different.

EXCEPT Kelly Clarkson? Does that mean you ended up with a ticket to her canceled tour?

But really, hell yes to your list. Esp the sushi. Gaw.

(CUPCAKES??? WTF??? But then again, WINE??)

5 of 9er said...

#21. Cherry Ride's Lists.