Saturday, May 03, 2008


[this photo has nothing to do with anything, but I thought it was funny and it is one of Recken's neighbours]

It's 12:45 on Friday night/Saturday morning. And I was studying but I don't feel like it anymore. I could go home and sleep but the coffee and bag of M&Ms (and not a little bag - one of those big ones) I had for dinner have me feeling, well,
awake. So I will continue to hang here at Starbucks with all the other complete losers.

To add insult to injury, it is a beautiful night here in Chicago, and
Classy invited me to experience the freakshow spectacle of Looptopia. Rubber monkey puppets and M.A.D.D. Rhythms' Tapethetically Speaking rhythm nation tapdancing vibe? Normally I'd be all up in that shit, but I gots to study. Meissner corpuscles and interventricular foramina aren't going to learn my brain all by themselves, if you know what I'm saying.

I've been thinking about my week, reflecting on some of the more random things that I've experienced. Share them with you? Sure, but only because you are insisting. In no particular order:
  • I woke up on Thursday and realized that I hadn't had a shower since Tuesday. As I normally shower at least once a day, I still cannot figure out how I let the hell that one slip by. See, this is the problem with working alone and generally being anti-social -- there's nobody around to tell you that you smell.
  • Tuesday night I had a disturbing dream that I was drowning. To the point that I remember that horrible sensation of water filling my lungs and not being able to breathe. This is especially peculiar since I'm a good swimmer and have I've always believed that it would be impossible for me to drown even in the worst circumstances. Guess not.
  • Another weird dream I had yesterday: I finally met Neil Finn in a hotel lobby (Crowded House is back in Chicago next weekend and I'm sad because I'm missing the show as I will be out of town. My love for Neil and Crowded House is well-documented). Anyway, in the dream I blathered to him how much I loved him and his music and he's a genius and blah, blah, blah and I actually started crying in the dream. WTF?
  • Speaking of WTF and crying, on the treadmill the other day watching CNN (there's only so much VH-1 I can watch) and it was a report on New Orleans and I started crying. At the gym. On the treadmill. In front of other people.
  • Anybody remember that song "Steel Claw" by Ms. Tina Turner? Yes? No? Well if not, you best be looking it up because it is the Shit. "It doesn't matter when you're lying in the gutter... It's what you get for messing with the steel claw." Damn, that's poetry right there.
  • My roommate is a sweet girl and she recently found me on Facebook (still not sure how that happened...). But if she sends me one more fucking hug/happy hour/teddy bear/"what kind of car/ice cream/pony are you?" bullshit invite application I will take a hammer to her keyboard.
  • At school I got an actual love note passed to me. It was like being in high school all over again (except I never got love notes passed to me in high school but nevermind). I'll spare all the details but it read along the lines of: "I see you in the library and cafeteria and if you want to hang out this summer call me..." If this person only knew I was probably twice her age she'd probably throw up. But anyway, I guess the attention from barely legal girls can be flattering? Or not? Nevermind.
  • Can pink eye be caused from stress? Cuz there's something not pretty happening yesterday and today with my left eye.
  • Also, I have a goddamned pimple in my ear. Seriously. WTF?
Thanks and have a good weekend.


House of Jules said...

Recken has some BALLSY neighbors to be posting advertisements like that on a public sidewalk instead of Craigslist like everyone else in the universe.

Crying at the gym leaves you all kinds of room (whoa, at first I spelled "room" as "RUM"; which is even funnier if you know that I just had a conversation about this place called The Rum Barrel that I demanded be put on the agenda for when my friends & I hit when we're in Key West this October) for a litany of excuses. Pulled muscles, tweaked nerves, etc. Use the location to your advantage!

I just told my sister that in addition to the George Michael concert this summer, we WILL be going to see our other 80's favorite, Ms. Steel Claw herself. I have been stalking Ticketmaster ever since early this week when the news was leaked that she's going to tour again. We haven't seen her since 1984 (?) when she was touring with that saxaphone player who went by the name of Conan or something. Mister Mister opened up for her on that tour, and all the drunken people were yelling, "STING!" which was priceless.

House of Jules

Essentially Me said...

I want some pot now.

And why wouldn't you get a love note passed to you? You're a hot piece of ass!


Good luck with the studies.

d said...

ear pimples are the worst.

and i had a pink eye scare the other day too! it turned out to be dust or something, but i swear it was *this close* to turning into some disgusting fungus.

i thought all the kids these days were using facebook and myspace to get laid. not actual paper.

Jake Titus said...

"And then depression set in. . ."

FitnessNerd said...

Maybe it's a sty. You should put a warm wash cloth on it a few times a day.

And I'm pretty sure the last two bullets just might be caused by the first one...

Just saying, Stinkin [Cherry]

And I'm scared, the picture of you on Recken is, dare I say, cute. I might be sending you love notes soon.

Mr. Shain said...

i just threw up a little in my mouth after reading that last comment.

p.s. pink eye? try staph infection.

I'm Frank said...

My roommate will go whole weeks without showering, regardless of how much I bring it to his attention. I usually shower 2 times a day (after each track practice) and I'll usually shower 2 times on a day like Sunday, even when I don't run, just because it's habit and I feel grimy if I don't.

I also hate Facebook applications, and I'm at the point where I'll kill anyone who sends me them.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Jules:: I think I remember that saxophone player - didn't he have a ponytail and walk around with his shirt off all the time? What a douche.

Essentially:: No, YOU'RE a hot piece of ass!

D:: Yeah, who writes notes these days??

Jake:: I know, right? Mark the date.

Nerd:: I think you might be right re: the pinkeye(or whatever it is).

Mr. Shain:: If it is a staph, I'll let you know - you seem to be speaking from experience (zing!)

Frank:: I am so sending you FB apps now...

The [Cherry] Ride said...
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Mighty Dyckerson said...

If the chick at school likes you in spite of your horrible stench, I'd say she's a keeper...even if you are gay.

Michael5000 said...

Does this mean we don't get to find out what kind of pony you are?

KAZ said...

Still trying to digest all the information.
Neil dreams and love notes - it can't all be bad can it?

Shaun Perv said...

In my experience most staight men often don't shower for days and are known wear the same underpants for two days running. Yuck!

PS. I kind of like that about them

Julie_Gong said...

pink eye is a bitch.

classyandfancy said...

You didn't miss much at Looptopia. Granted, there was the general freak show, but beyond that I got smooth jazzed out real quick-like.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cherry,

Yesterday you dropped a book in the library and when you bent over to pick it up, I must say my mind quickly turned to thoughts of ravishing your body over by the new non-fiction rack. But then I thought better of it and decided to pass you that perfume scented note. You will be mine, mark my words.


minijonb said...

i think i might like some pot right now, but that might just remind me that i'm nothing more than a bad trip flashback in my my own head... what? sorry. i drifted off there for a second.

Jidai said...

The note should have had the question, "Do you like me?" with three boxes to check. No, Yes, Maybe.

As for the constant facebook e-vites to crazy and annoying things, I ignore and make sure people I know won't do that, befriend me on facebook. For I am a ghost on facebook.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Crying your way through a few miles on the old treadmill. Hahahhahaha

You know how I know you're gay . . .

Mr. Shain said...

how 'bout you stop bitching about all your problems and blog? mmm-kay?

Mr. Shain said...

**please not the above comment was sent in lieu of a drunken text message**

surviving myself said...

I bet people at the gym thought you were crying because you couldn't run any faster than you were.

That's what I would've thought.

ReckenRoll said...

The thing they don't know is that you were at the Pot Sale at 6 am on a Saturday.

First in line.

Sad really.

Why do you leave the juiciest details out?

Kadonkadonk said...

Is that for real? What other kind of pot could they be talking about? I mean, who has enough pots and pans to have an exclusive sale just for that?

I was really stressed once and got an eye sty and yes they are as nasty as they sound and yes, my eye was red. They go away on their own at least...

5 of 9er said...

I am afraid of Looptopia.

Airam said...

Dude ... your banner?? LOVE!