Thursday, October 05, 2006

Is It Wrong?

... that after visiting my folks for dinner last night I stole a roll of toilet paper?

Yeah, I thought so too.

PS - New Question of the Week appears to the right.
PPS - I'm still officially "taking some time off" but c'mon, its hard to go cold turkey.


Gregg Smith said...

I guess the question is why did you steal it? If you were worried that you were going to have an accident on the way home - then i guess its justified. If you were too lazy to stop at the store to get some - and knew that you had been going a week without any at your place and were all out of kleenex, paper towels and anything else that could be used as a subsitute - then i guess your just a lazy bum.

Jader said...

Oh not wrong at all. Not at all. They are your parents. They provided you with (give or take a few) 18 years worth of toilet paper. They could definitely spare one more roll. Have no shame.

.25 life crisis kid said...

ABSOLUTELY, not. Been there, done that...dude, you gotta do what you gotta, at least you are being sanitary about it!

classyandfancy said...

CRQOTW: I am going to keep voting for a panda multiple times a day. They must win. I promised them.

Prashant Sridharan said...

Why are you taking time off?

The voice of the people must be heard! Silence is death!

Unless you're taking time off to drink more. In which case, go for it.