Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Panda Fever

Results from this week's CRQOW:

Panda beats out Underage Congressional Page by one vote (Classy - how many of those 16 votes are yours?). Good thing I'm going as a panda for Halloween.

What surprises me most about the results is that "a Drunk" only got 3 votes (I thought everyone would be a drunk on Halloween). Also, that Nipsy got a whopping 8 votes (although two of them are from Dr. Ken).

In related news,
Loaf posted a panda video yesterday that is worth a chuckle.

A new CRQOW will be coming soon...


Knitter said...

For once I have no costume for Halloween, at first I thouhgt Miss Cupcake would me a return, but all the makeup and the hassle makes it not worth my time.

Sizzler Sister said...

I too voted for Nipsy. But only once.
Yay for Nipsy!!

classyandfancy said...

I think that 3 or 4 or 10 of those are mine. Everyone, thank you for saving me from mortal danger. Well, thanks to everyone except Dr. Ken and all you other losers who didn't vote for pandas.

Matt said...

Hope we'll be seeing pictures of you in your outfit by the end of the month! Go Panda!

I guess Drunk didn't get many votes, as that can be used in conjunction with any other costume, and Drunk Panda is definatly one I want to see on YouTube.

Cheers for the link, you've doubled my daily traffic in just one afternoon!

NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Being a die-hard Cub fan is a lot like being a die-hard Nipsy Russel fan, in that I always find myself saying, maybe next year.