Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Year of the Panda (Pt. I)

[that's me as Ling Ling and Fred as Sing Sing]

After weeks of anticipation, Halloween 2006 kicked off last night with a bang. Back in August (or maybe even sooner) Fred and I decided this was the year of the Panda. We didn’t really want to rent panda costumes, so I asked my Grandma if she would make them for us and she said yes. (Yeah, you heard that right – Ethel made the outfits.)

As you can see from the photos, they’re pretty awesome. We struggled for a while to come up with a theme for Fred, Laura and me (because for some unimaginable reason Laura did not want to be a panda along with us) but in the end Laura went as a Cat Pez Dispenser (which was beneficial for me because I didn’t really eat that night and Pez made a great – and totally legitimate alternative to – dinner).

One of the great things about dressing as a panda is that the walk to/from the party can be as much fun as the party itself. The three of us made all kinds of friends on the way to the bar. People stopped us to take photos, we got car honks, catcalls, high fives, hand shakes. It was like we were movie stars, minus the movie or stars part.

The best part of owning a panda costume: I
am totally wearing it again and again – New Year’s Valentine’s Day, Flag Day, whatever. Hell, I can (and will) wear it around the house when I wash the dishes or water the plants.*

Classy had invited us to a party at Wellington’s, which was great. (Classy and I have been great blog buddies for about 3 months but until last night had never actually met, which was strange but cool and worthy of another entry entirely.) Thankfully, we bonded instantly – partially because we’ve got the same sense of humor, and partially due to the Great Social Mediator known as alcohol.** Classy and her friends went as football players and referees. They were also drunk (but that might have been part of the whole costume theme).

Soon after, the Gancer arrived as Frankenstein, which was appropriate because he’s tall, and can pull off plugs better than anyone I know. Like Classy, Dr. Ken is a blog buddy who I’d never met until that night. And also just like Classy, we got along great from the beginning. (Although he tried engaging me in sports talk and because I couldn’t follow I could sense him begin questioning what kind of future we could possibly have as friends. But we did make plans to visit a tittie bar together in December for naked field goal kicking, so we’re cool.)

After a few hours, we all left Wellington’s (not before some dancing in the corner, where Laura had to save me from some the receiving end of your basic friendly drunken molestation) to head to another bar on Halsted. But to make a long story short, Fred, Laura and I didn’t quite make it (sorry Classy and Dr. Ken!), so the three of us ended up at their old local pub, where we befriended some folks dressed as Swiss, a Kleenex, a Gingerbread Man and some girls dressed in trashy, slutty outfits.***

Best conversation of the evening, between Fred, me and a girl dressed as Swiss Miss:
Swiss Miss: “So, like, what are you guys? Besides pandas, I mean.”

Us: “Nothing. Just pandas.”

Swiss Miss: “Oh.”

Swiss Miss: “So then where did you get the outfits?”

Me: “My grandma made them.”

Swiss Miss: “Really? Wow. Now I feel bad for making fun of you.”


So overall a great evening. Laughed a lot with Fred and Laura, finally met Classy and Dr. Ken face-to-face, and sported kick-ass panda outfits. Next up: Tuesday night’s Halloween parade on Halsted and cheering Dop and Kevin to win the costume contests afterwards.

In theory, that is. Because I don’t actually wash dishes or water plants.
And by “alcohol” I of course mean “plenty of it.”
Girls dressed trashy on Halloween?? Hard to believe, I know.


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Had a blast! We totally should do it again soon.

Sports knowledge or not, you kick ass! Your panda dancing is the stuff legends are made of, especially the panda, ass shaking, shimmy thing.

Sizzler Sister said...

Holy Crap Cherry those costumes are awesome. We're about the same size - can you FedEx yours down to me for Tuesday?

Or better yet, can Ethel make me one in the next 24 hours and overnight it to me ;-)??

Todd said...

I have to say, you are transiently sexy with your eyes rimmed in coal.

classyandfancy said...

It was an outright blast!

Drunken molestation! I see no evidence of that, oh wait, I do. Sorry! I blame it completely on the panda costume, it makes us all weak in the knees and loopy.

Loaf said...

Sounds like an awsome night out, you do Halloween way better over there!

Great photos as well, I'm impressed anyone could do a somersault in those outfits! Dr Ken definatly makes a good Frankenstein, and Classy looking cool in her football outfit.

As for Laura's outfit; did she cough up a Pez if you pulled her head back? Haven't seen a Pez dispenser in years!

JulieGong said...

Those pandas def rival anything I've ever made. Amazing work!

My problem always seems to be that I make costumes that are impossible to sit down or move around easily in.

5 of 9er said...

Pandas 4 Life!

Knitter said...

Where on earth did u find that custome ?????
Much needed relief in a really stresful monday btw.

Rambling Canuck said...

Pandas rule!

Anonymous said...

I always miss out on Halloween. This year, I was too drunk to dress up. I did tell a cop that his costume was very authentic, though.

kb said...

i can't wait to see you tonight.

Dop T said...

Hil. Ari. Ous. Tonight will be fun too! If not more funner.

Mood Indigo said...

those costumes ROCK! Reminds me of my last costume my mom made for me. She stayed up all night when I was in seventh grade to make it. Of course when I showed up at school in the morning, I realized that everyone else left dressing up behind in elementary school. And I was a freaking elephant.

Anonymous said...

pandas ROCK!!!!!

ryan charisma said...

yeah Pandas!

Grandma is awsome!

JulieGong said...

Where is part 2? How can you keep us hanging like this?