Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Chicago To-Do List

Chicago To-Do List:

It is my 6th official day in Chicago, trying to adjust to my new old surroundings. It’s like I’ve stepped back in time to my high school and college years. I drive and walk around, expecting to see old friends and classmates walking the sidewalks. XRT’s Saturday morning flashback was 1990. Pretenders, Charlatans UK, Jesus Jones, Robert Cray. It was like they knew I was back. I even sprouted two pimples on my face; I haven’t had two pimples on my face since, well, last time I lived in Chicago.

I wake up every morning (in my parent’s guest bedroom – let’s not even go there) adding more items to the growing list of to-do’s, listed below in a general order of priority:
1. Get a job
2. Get an apartment/sublease (for about 6 months)
3. Contact my friends, letting them know I’m back
4. Join a masters team and get my fat ass in shape
5. Look into nursing programs
6. Blog
7. Join a gym, maybe go to it
8. Get a haircut
9. Get a Illinois driver’s license
10. Buy a condo

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