Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Highlights from The Reader Classifieds

This week's highlights from the Chicago Reader's Bulletin Board Section. Again, why do people spend the time and effort?

  • "Where is my transporter thingy? Och. I can be a scatterbrain sometimes."
  • "Is This Ad In The Paper? I submitted this at 4:55pm. Does this show up in the 2/24 issue? Well wouldn't you like to know! I know that you're a nerd and you need to stop messing with my ads!"
  • "I don't hate Frank, I just don't feel connected with him any more. I think I was connected to him for a short-time, but in retrospect, which happens very often, realized that we were very different and would never be happy together or completely fullfilled. Recently, The Swiss Hotel brought about a mini-anger fit, but its my problem not his. Someone asked about anger so I thought I would post. Of course, I'm also unhappy about the government...BUSH BLOWS."
  • "Ch-ch-chuh-chuh-change-ezz. Bowie, Faure, and Cross-pollination. Confirm a battered but faithful old soul's faith in you, this, everything. I loved Carrie, too. You are no vampire, and have never fooled me. My hands are strong as steel, but a wren and her eggs could nest there and feel downy. Everlasting, even. Number please."


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