Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Fascinating Interactions with the Locals (Pt. II)

Background: I'm working at a Starbucks on Michigan Avenue. Seating area is about half full. I'm sitting at a 2-seat table, my things (computer, iPod, magazine, notebook, cell phone) take up the whole table. A guy comes in and comes up to me.

  • Crazy Man: "Mind if I sit here?"
  • Me (with a look of confusion, as I observe that there are several empty tables in the sitting area): "Ummm, OK."
  • So to make room for the guy, I proceed to take all my stuff off the table. Then I remember that I'm sitting next to one of the only available outlets in the room. Maybe he needs to plug something in. But then he just sits down and starts reading the paper (!). This is bullshit. So after about a minute I say:
  • Me: "Excuse me for asking, but is there a particular reason you needed to sit here? I mean, there are other empty tables in the room."
  • Crazy Man: "I'm just waiting for the bathroom."
  • This is also bullshit, because I don't know what sitting at this particular table has to do with waiting for the bathroom, since my table is nowhere close to the bathroom.
  • Me: "Umm, OK. Whatever."
  • About 10 seconds later the guy gets up, uses the bathroom, then leaves the store.
People is just crazy.

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