Thursday, March 30, 2006

'Bags of the Week

Permit me to be crude and bitter for a moment today. I don't use the term "douchebag" (or any of its cousins: douche-cracker, douche-rocket, douche-wad, etc.) very often even though I think it is deserving in certain situations. Sometimes you just have to use it to describe certain people: Tom Cruise, George W., Dick Cheney, Ryan Seacrest, Fred Durst, Sean Hannity, Bob Novak, that guy in Starbucks with the cell phone holder).

But today I am honoring the Chicago office of a certain worldwide PR agency (winner of the 2003 Holmes Report "International Agency of the Year") as being Douchebags of the Week. For having me come in three different times for interviews, having me meet with four different executives, and then not having the courtesy to contact me to let me know I didn't get the job. Nice follow-up, Douchebags.
There, I feel better now.


Wingman said...

Is that an actual douchebag photo? ew.

Rj said...

Is it wrong that as a 29 year old gay male that this is only the second time I have actually seen a picture of a 'douche bag'?? (the 1st being when you Google'd one in Sydney?) It looks like a hot water bottle, however I am sure NOBODY would wanna use it to keep warm in winter!! Double ewwww!

Shaun said...

Forget the real McCoy. You can also use an Evian bottle, if you are in a hurry!