Friday, March 10, 2006

Tragic Drag Queen of the Week

It's Friday night here at the Ride, and that means we're ready to party. And what better way to prepare for the weeekend than by introducing our new Friday feature: Tragic Drag Queen (or TDQ for those in the know) of the Week.
This week's TDQ is Miss Anita Cocktail.
Miss Cocktail is a
Midwestern girl at heart (from Minneapolis) but still has dreams of making it in the big city, "like Baltimore."
Girl's been a drag queen for about 30 years now. She works in telephone sales and counts Juice Newton as her idol/inspiration.
Miss Cocktail likes "strong men and strong drinks", and lists soduko and diet cherry vanilla coke as her dislikes.
Her motto is "I'm Fierce!" and she drives a Suzuki Samurai.

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