Thursday, March 23, 2006

Product Endorsement of the Week
Tell Pandora what kind of music you like (supply them with your favorite artists and/or songs), and they'll create our own private, personalized radio station for you. Sure, you can do this elsewhere, but Pandora is really easy to use, and its just cooler anyway.

According to the website, it works because a group of folks got together and for 5 years analyzed over 10K different music acts and assembling hundreds of musical attributes (or "genes" as they call them) to create the Music Genome. Or something like that.

So as this radio station streams music to your computer, you rate each song that comes through so that the engine and algorythms keep refining your playlist. And it is fun to see what music the station plays next (not sure how it happened, but an old Billy Joel song popped up this morning -- ummm, no thanks.) Anyway, give it a try. I've already found a new favorite band.


Rob said...

Cool. Thanks Will. Just tried it with Neko Case and a couple of good ones popped up.

Ross said...

Pandora's kinda cool, but they miss the mark a lot of the time. I think it's funny to click "why is this playing?" and read their explanations though.

Try if you haven't already. I think it works a little better than Pandora.