Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Things I Would Buy with an Extra $1K

1. New earbuds for my iPod. ‘Cuz those Apple ones truly suck and I can’t believe I still use them. I want those Bang and Olufsen ones that are a couple hundred bucks. I don’t care that I’ll lose them in about 6 days. That’s what I want.

Tickets to London. Because I’m missing me some “Hollyoaks” and dirty Indian.

Some dignity and/or self respect. (Oh wait. That's more than $1K)

4. Eames Plywood Lounge Chair. Is it wrong to want one of these things badly? (Likely.) Is it wrong that I want 4 of them? (Certainly.) Is it wrong that they cost about $600 each? (Most Definitely).

5. Vegas baby, Vegas!

6. Membership, lessons in a Rowing Club.

7. Jenny Craig.

8. Tivo – 'Cuz like Diddy, I am waaaay to busy to watch tv these days.

9. Adidas Y-3/Yohji Yamamoto black leather soccer shoes (yeah, they’re totally worth the $300 price tag).

1 comment:

RJ said...

Baby...you don't play soccer! Arn't the Y3's a wee bit redundant?? ; )