Saturday, March 25, 2006

My 2006 Personal Motto

The results from last week's poll are in, and it is a three-way tie (which, I think, is fitting. I mean, like pretty much everything in my life right now, why should anything be easy or clear-cut?).

Therefore, my battle cries for the rest of the year will be: "Put it on my tab" (good), "I'm not wearing underpants" (also good) and "Popozao!" (I'm glad that others share my sense of humor).

This is actually a good thing because each of them will come in handy for any of the various situations I may get into this year (run-ins with the cops, three-day controlled substance benders, job interviews, traffic court appearances, confrontations with old ladies and right-wing fundamentalists, etc. You name it.)

New poll regarding my continued unemployment appears to the right. Please vote, and vote often.

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