Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Eurovision Song Contest

The countdown to the most important European event of the year has kicked off. No, it wasn't the Winter Olympics in Turino, it is the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest in Athens this coming May.

Wingman sent me a link to the latest controversy in Serbia-Montenegro, where the country has decided not to participate in thi
s year's contest due to some internal fighting over their country's oifficial entry. Very scandalous. Poor, cute boy band No Name (pictured below). Their chances for international stardom (and by "international" I really mean a shot at recognition in Serbia-Montenegro and perhaps neighboring Yugoslavia) may be gone forever.

But what I find most intriguing is that S-M faces "a possible 3 year ban from the contest and a fine of up to 35,000 Swiss Francs" because they've withdrawn. Which begs the question, is it really that important to the ESC people that S-M participate?? This ain't the United Nations or the Olympics. It's a glorified American Idol, for chrissakes.

After witnessing last year's contest I find it unbelieveable that so many people take the event seriously (to my eyes, the whole thing looks like an episode of Star Search, and that ain't no complement). Personally, I thought the ESC was just a geography lesson for kids, with pyrotechnics and sequened outfits. But in a way I guess it is refreshing to think that with everything that happens in this world, there are people and whole nations that can put such misplaced priority on the ESC.

Last year I experienced my first Eurovision Song Contest Party while I was in London (the play-by-play is here). I am hoping that I can return to London in May to experience the drama firsthand.

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JeanPhilippe said...

Eurovision rocks!! How dare you compare it to American Idol?? We have been running this kitsch and dull show since 1956. And the last time France won it with marie Myriam and the mythic "l'oiseau et l'enfant" was in 1977 (ok, it was the beginning AND the end of her career). ;o)

It's such a big european event. Nobody wants to miss this amazing show with all these strange and weird people (and a lot af creepy gays).

This year, the french singer is from my small region in France where she is hairdresser. Isn't it fantastic?? :o)

France two points; la france deux points, Bravo la France!!