Monday, January 22, 2007


Bring on the velveeta and salsa dip, bitches!

Because I'm a Chicagoan and I fear retribution if I don't, I feel compelled to use this forum to congratulate the Chicago Bears on their NFC title (thanks Niner and Ryan for pointing that out).

Last time the Bears were in the Super Bowl, I got really drunk watching the game in a friend's attic bedroom and had to go to school the next day with a wicked hangover. I believe it was the first time I'd had a hangover in my life (and yes of course I was not even close to legal age so mom & dad if you're reading this -- sorry). This time I hope to be much more responsible.

I am sure a new version of the Super Bowl Shuffle is being choreographed as I write (you can see the original lyrics over at 5 of 9er), but personally I'll be creating some sort of Shuffle/Little Superstar hybrid dance.

The only bad thing is this: I saw on the news an interview with a family from New Orleans who came up for the game. They interviewed the mom (before the game) and she said something like: "We are so excited about this. This game means so much to the city and people of New Orleans. It has been such a tough few years for us so we're really hoping for the best."

I mean DAMN lady!! Like Chicago needs that kind of talk on our collective conscience! So I will end this post by saying:



classyandfancy said...

We still need to rent out that dance studio. We have two weeks until the big show.

Alannah said...

I don't think a Super Bowl win quite cancels out Hurricane Katrina...but whatever.

I was glad the Colts won because I like underdogs.

RevRee said...

Da Bears!

5 of 9er said...

Technically the Bears won the NFC title... the Colts won the AFC title.

I like the underdog too... Go Bears!!!

Ryan said...

lets forget that the Seahawks should have beaten you. You won the NFC Title Zolna. Thank you 5 of 9er for setting the record straight.

Ryan Charisma said...

What is this? Basketball? Who follows sports? Don't you know that sporting events are symbols of gay oppression?


you're not gay enough yet.

keep trying.

Taylor said...

oh, my parents STILL have the super bowl shuffle taped off the TV on VHS. i remember watching the hell out of it.

my dad went to clemson, and i grew up a huge clemson fan (only 30 miles from campus). there are two clemson grads in the shuffle. William "Refridgerator" Perry, and backup quartervback Steve Fuller (the really, really white guy towards the end).

I even still remember the Fridge's whole rap and can sing it word-for-word. how's that for an eight-year-old fag in '85!