Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Thoughts on the Bush Administration

Last week as I was watching his press conference from the treadmill, I began to wonder about George and specifically what the hell it is that he does all day, now that he's worked himself into total irrelevancy.

Sure, he's got the periodic press conference (I loved how his solution to both the impending recession and gas crisis is to "Blame Congress") and the occasional overseas trips to kinda-
important-but-not-really-strategic places like Africa (and I'm sure he's probably got a trip planned soon to the Falklands or Iceland maybe).

But on a day-to-day basis, what do you think he does these days? You think he's in bed by nine (yes)? Maybe catching up on "Lost" or "Heroes" -- you know, the shows he probably couldn't watch when he was too busy fucking up the planet over the last few years?

And how about Dick Cheney? I mean, WTF? Has anyone seen or heard from him in the last 6 months? Is he dead (hopefully)? Or is he in the shop getting his robot parts fixed?

Guesses are welcome.


Prashant Sridharan said...

Pretty typical of a lame duck president, really. Except this has been one lame duck for 8 years.

5 of 9er said...

They both probably surf You Tube like most Americans. :)

Big Daddy said...

I don't think Bush is smart enough to follow 'Lost'.

Cheney's back in his coffin waiting to come back in another 100 years.

He is a vampire after all.

Ms. Laaw-yuhr said...

I think he spends a lot of time planning "abstinence only" programs to prevent the spread of AIDS in Africa. So far his plans includes asking people to visualize Mr. and Mrs. Cheney doing it - that seems to produce the desired results. The rest of the time he spends doodling talking penises on his legal pad.

Jules said...

I think Bush is on his ranch in Texas relaxing while Kevin Kline plays the part of the President (as in the movie DAVE) and Cheney is no doubt lighting up somewhere, trying to just mellow the F out, because he is still having nightmares about shooting his friend in the face while they were hunting.
House of Jules

FitnessNerd said...

Are you kidding? He could never handle even 5 minutes of LOST. No, I'm sure he's watching and rewatching the first season of Sesame Street on DVD.

Dick is probably gone undercover to create some sort of October Surprise that will kick McCain into the White House....or just shooting someone in the face (with a gun)

ridiculous said...

wait, was he holding the press conference while he was on a treadmill?

because that? would be awesome.

Dop said...

W hadn't even heard the estimate that gas would shoot up to $4 a gallon by summer. So clearly he's not being briefed on anything. By anyone.

Then again, I guess it's business as usual.

Michael5000 said...

He probably works out a lot. Dude is actually a very impressive athlete. It's the only thing I admire about him, aside from that he moved DST three weeks earlier.