Monday, June 09, 2008

Top 5 Things I Say I'll Be Doing This Summer (Compared to What I Will Actually Do Instead):

I'm channelling McSweeney's today to bring you my list of the Top 5 Things I Say I Will Do This Summer.

Immediately following that is the list of What I Will Actually Be Doing Instead.

What I Say I’ll De Doing:

  1. Riding my bike everywhere, especially along the Lake.
  2. Buckling down and studying every night for Chemistry.
  3. Going to Lollapalooza.
  4. Learning to skateboard.
  5. Drinking heavily.

What I’ll Really Be Doing Instead:

  1. Taking the Blue Line. Or, deciding that I don’t have the energy and staying home instead.
  2. Getting up early and skipping the gym so that I can study Chemistry since I didn’t bother studying the night before. Or, maybe just not studying at all and sleeping in another hour.
  3. Not going to Lollapalooza. (I mean really -- how many times can you see Death Cab on a hot, steamy crowded afternoon in August??)
  4. Buying a skateboard and clearing out room in my closet to store it until I finally decide in two years time to donate it since I never used it.
  5. Drinking heavily.


fort knocks said...

I kinda like both those lists. Anything with drinking, I guess.

House of Jules said...

You could go with MIXED drinks, which combines numbers 2 & 5 from your first list. SUCCESS! ;)
House of Jules

Mr. Shain said...

frankly i was just relieved that 'wearing a cape' did not occur on either list.

I'm Frank said...

People still ride bikes? I mean, not as part of European cycling races?

Rachel said...

Well at least you're going to keep the important one.

Spammon said...

I'd really like you see you do #5 and then attempt to do #'s 1-4. That would make for one kick ass summer.

Ryan Charisma said...

skateboard? really?

I didn't realize you were 15.

after undergrad no more:

A&F clothing

it's just the rules, I don't make them.

Julie_Gong said...

i'd say just go with #5 for the whole summer and things will be fine.

Ben said...

Happy birthday tomorrow!

surviving myself said...

Skateboarding is for losers and kids who don't realize they're losers yet.

So you're better off without it.

radioactive girl said...

If you know how to use a skateboard, you can come over here and teach my son some cool tricks. Sadly that is a skill I lack.

So far I SAY I will be doing 2 triathlons this summer. We'll see if I actually do them or if I come up with some mediocre excuse to skip them. I want to HAVE done them, but am not so excited about actually doing them.

classyandfancy said...

I thought you already had our costumes picked out for Lolla? We were going to shake it down down to the Go! Team! You're going mister, even if I have to make you a suit made out of those AT&T Blue Room fans.