Monday, February 19, 2007

Happiness Is...

  1. new furniture (finally) for the apartment.
  2. a clean car.
  3. weekend walks to find good coffee shops in your new neighborhood.
  4. listening to the new Patty Griffin album.
  5. fresh paint to cover up the old dingy walls.
  6. pb & j sandwiches at 1am.
  7. a new cell phone to replace the one lost in DC.
  8. new shoes.

All these things happened this past weekend. Plus, like Friday, my boss and the firm's two partners are out of the office. Life is good.*

Of course, it should be pointed out that a great deal of cash was spent in order to achieve the above list. Maybe a better (and quicker) post would have been "Happiness Is Money" but that's besides the point. Isn't it?

* OK, this is a really wussy saccharine post for me. I promise to do better next time.


K.I.D. said...

A clean car...what's that like?

CHW said...

Agree. Who are we kidding? Money makes me feel happy. It equals freedom.

One Lil Aussie said...

The 1am P & J munchie satisfyer was just wht the doctor orded!
Great weekend all round.

Katie in the UK said...

"New Shoes" by Paolo Nutini. Listen. Love. Happy.

5 of 9er said...

Please stop by and pick up my car for a washing. Thanks.

Lori Mocha said...

Good news confuses me.

Matt said...

Who is this saccharine posting imposter who's pretending to be our Cherry?

A clean car is truely a happiness I've not known for a long time!