Thursday, February 22, 2007


This is the official 2007 CROOPP (Cherry Ride Obligatory Oscar Prediction Post).

Let me just start out by saying that I don't believe in Hollywood, or the Academy. I only believe in myself. I think I am the only person qualified to give out the Oscars, as I alone understand who truly deserves them. Let me also say that I haven't seen many of the nominated movies & performances, but it really doesn't impair my ability to judge them. So without further ado:

Best Supporting Actress -
Should win: Cate Blanchett
Will win: Jennifer Hudson
Have I seen? Neither

Best Supporting Actor -
Should win: Alan Arkin
Will win: Eddie Murphy (only if nominations closed before "Norbit" came out. If not, he should be fucked)
Have I seen? LMS

Best Actress -

Should win: Helen Mirren
Will win: Helen Mirren
Have I seen? Yes

Best Actor -
Should win: Forest Whitaker
Will win: Forest Whitaker
Have I seen? No

Best Director -
Should win: guy who directed "Babel"
Will win: Martin Scorsese
Have I seen? Neither

Best Adapted Screenplay -
Should win: Borat
Will win: Departed
Have I seen? Borat

Best Original Screenplay -
Should win: Little Miss Sunshine
Will win: Pan's Labyrinth
Have I seen? Both

Best Cartoon -
Should win: Don't really care - "Incredibles" was the only good cartoon ever made. (Sorry Richard, but it's true!)
Will win: Again, don't really care
Have I seen? Not a chance

Best Foreign Film -
Should win: Water*
Will win: Pan's Labyrinth
Have I seen? Pan's

Best Picture -
Should win: The Queen (although I would really love it if "Sunshine" won but it doesn't stand a chance)
Will win: Babel
Have I seen? Of all the nominated films, I've only seen "Queen" and "Sunshine." The others look rather boring to me. Sorry, but that's just how I roll.

* Totally kidding on this one. I have no idea what "Water" is even about.


kathyg said...

that was totally wicked! (best line in a cartoon ever)

Prashant Sridharan said...

My predictions.

Couple of things, "The Departed" is an Adapted Screenplay, "Little Miss Sunshine" is an Orignal. Both should rightfully win.

The Departed is on Netflix now. It's awesome. You should see it. Scorcese deserves an Oscar for it.

Finally, I'll be wearing a Brioni tux and a Thomas Pink shirt. Shoes by Prada. My diamond earring is Tiffany's (unlike these freeloader megastars, I own it and am not borrowing it). So there.

5 of 9er said...

"I don't believe in Hollywood, or the Academy. I only believe in myself"... didn't John Lennon say that?

classyandfancy said...

I tried to watch Babel on the plane ride last week. Granted, it was on a tiny screen, but all I can say is BORING! No wonder I feel asleep for five hours.

Todd said...

But I so completely agree with you on this.

chuckdaddy2000 said...

There is nothing wrong w/ having strong opinions even if you haven't seen a movie. I hate Iwo Jima, even though everyone says its good. I'd just be annoyed if Eastwood won a 3rd Best Movie, especially b/c Million Dollar Baby was the stupidest movie ever.

One Lil Aussie said...

Go Helen Mirren and 'Little Miss Sunshine'! I agree with Prashant however. 'The Departed' deserves to win something..intense, claustrophobic and extremely well acted!
And I would be happy with either 'Happy Feet' or 'Cars' winning animated pic!

darci ann said...

I too am poor on the Oscar nominee consumption, but I did see the Departed and it was AWESOME. And should win anything and everything it's up for.

and... I'm with Richard on the cartoon front. Come on buddy: Shrek, Toy Story, many others!!??!