Friday, June 22, 2007

Let One Rip

Today we're going straight to our Friday "internet searches that led people to my blog" feature. The highlights*:

The whack:

  • "patriotic big hair"
  • "wheels in the sky keep on turnin'"
  • "St. Paul succotash mid-century"
  • "house of fun TV cherry"
  • "let one rip"
The dirty:
  • "bra and girdle movies"
  • "boyzillian Chicago"
  • "big boob castle"
The really, really whack:
  • "Denver trannie"
  • "go to White Castle boobs"
*excluding, of course, the usuals -- "Helen Mirren's boobs" and "ever since I can remember I've been poppin' my collar"

PS - KAZ, I believe I may be back on top for Helen Mirren's boobs. Ball's in your court now.


NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I can see "bra movies," but "girdle movies?!?!?!" There's nothing sexy about that.

"Go to White Castle boobs?" Is that like when you get a girl's shirt off and her tits are so bad, that you kick her out and go to White Castle for some chicken rings?

KAZ said...

I love a challenge.

If all else fails I'll try to be tops for Helen Mirren's girdle.

Alison said...

My favorite by far is "Big Boob Castle." I'm imagining one of those inflatable moon walk castles people rent--only made out of boobs.

I need to get more sleep.

Jenny! said...

Chicken rings can make up for saeeing a set of nasty tits anyday! Let one rip is what attracted me in!

Grad School Reject said...

The close proximity in which you have placed the word "Ball's" to "Hellen Mirren's Boobs" should afford you some brand new searches.

Well done my friend.

Mr. Shain said...

i know you're deeply disappointed that "coolest shorts ever" didn't make the list...

blythe said...

uh, what's "whack" with "wheel in the sky keep on turning" i ask you?

Mighty Dyckerson said...

I prefer my boobs to come from Jack in the Box.

Airam said...

Today I got "gun the engine" ... I don't think I've EVER used that phrase!!

Mr. Shain said...

the #1 most googled search term that gets people to my blog is the name of the vice president of my university. i may have posted a totally cracked-out email she sent to the entire teaching staff--which strongly supports the hypothesis that she's a raging drunk (at work). i feel like, maybe, this could turn out to bite me at some point. but they haven't taken away my fellowship yet!

captain corky said...

It was your Aquatic telepathy that lead me here. I was swimming in a pool and the next thing you know I'm standing in front of a computer, soaking wet, typing What gives man?

Palm Springs Savant said...

funny you should have this post. I as looking at seach words that lead to my site, and for some reason I had a fe people click through who searched for 'Dick Van Patten naked" and I am the 3rd link on google. crzy huh?

classyandfancy said...

I think I can take some credit for the dirty boyzillian. I'm glad to guide the freaks of the week to your site.