Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend Recap

Very busy today, so let's just get started, people. Highlights from the weekend:

  • Richard, Niner, LP and I ate at Taco Bell. Of our own free will. Without being drunk. The 7 Layer Crunchwrap Supreme is not really as "good to go" as they claim it to be.
  • Although the Wacko Macko may be the official drink of Summer 07, it must be noted that the Long Island Iced Tea is also a mighty fine option. Especially two or more in a thirty minute period.
  • You know what else is a mighty fine drink option for summer? Pink ones. Shouldn't a raspberry lemonade alcoholic drink be reddish or pink in color? Not as much as you might think, if you're having them from the Pontiac Cafe. My advice to all of you: if your raspberry lemonade alcoholic drink isn't pink, send it back.
  • I learned the meaning of "hitting one to the upper deck." If you don't know what it refers to (and no, not the in baseball sense) and would like to learn, e-mail the Niner.
  • Is getting told by someone that you remind them of Ferris Bueller a complement? Really?
  • What happened to the days of getting free drinks when it's your birthday? Long gone, apparently. While at the bar(s) this weekend, I was telling anyone who would listen (our server, our hostess, etc.) or not listen (some guy in the urinal next to me, the girl behind me at the ATM, etc.) it was my birthday but didn't get a free drink or shot from anyone on the bar's payroll. Granted, it wasn't actually my birthday (yet), but they didn't know that.
  • Feeling old and depressed on your birthday weekend and want to feel younger? Two words my friends: Public Urination. I took a piss behind a dumpster in an alley and immediately felt like I was, like, in college again. Seriously, give it a try. You don't even need to wait until your birthday.
  • I bought a cool pair of treads this weekend at a skateboard shop on Milwaukee that Niner dragged us to Saturday afternoon. "Wow Cherry," you're thinking, "I didn't know you were a skateboarder." Well, I'm not. But show me where it's written that one has to be a skateboarder to wear skate shoes. Do you have to be a tramp to have a tramp stamp? Didn't think so. So back off.
  • It is possible to drink an entire bottle of beer before someone points out to you that it is of the non-alcoholic variety. And I think that's bullshit - there should be bigger warnings on the bottle indicating there's no alcohol in it. I mean, c'mon - I wasted valuable stomach real estate on an entire bottle on non-alcoholic beer!! You can't just bounce back from that with the snap of the fingers.
  • How do you know a party's been a success? No, not when you "hit one to the upper deck" (although that could certainly count), but when you're doing the bump to "Freedom '90" by George Michael, throwing balloons into the street from the rooftop deck and yelling offensive remarks to the people on the street below.
  • I was supposed to go to KID's graduation party Sunday, and I didn't make it. Sorry, KID. I'll make it up to you!

Thanks everyone for the birfday wishes!


chuckdaddy2000 said...

The only place that cares that it's my birthday anymore is Denny's.

Airam said...

"hit one to the upper deck"

Ohhh my imagination is running wild with that one!

Happy Birthday to YOU!!

JUSTIN said...

Public urination is the fountain of youth...just be aware of where your feet are.

Oh, and Happy Belated Birfday!

blythe said...

you're right! i didn't need to wait till my birthday.

Ellen Aim said...
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Ellen Aim said...

I have not urinated in public in a very long time. Clearly I have not been drinking in public in a very long time.

And I just bit the bullet and went to urban dictionary.

That is fucking disgusting and I wasn't anywhere close to guessing right. I'm impressed. Drunk or not, who the fuck takes the time out to do this to the toilet?

Mr. Shain said...

what does it mean when all your friends regularly urinate in public? most recent highlight: my nubian princess friend squating on the west hollywood police department. good choice. also, let's avoid trashcans if you're ever on the left coast.

blythe said...

i think it means awesome. or maybe everyone has overactive bladders?

Sunshine McThunderkitty said...

beaow beowmp beowmp - ch chickachikaaaaaa

Ferris Bueller rocks!!

Betty Boob Hug said...

you drank a whole bottle of beer that didn't have any alcohol in it?

oh that is funny. big laughs for you.

with love,

KAZ said...

Not pink enough?
Add a dash of cochineal - made by distilling red cockroach thingies -but don't let that worry you.

lp said...

Well my dear Cherry, I pulled out the cocktail making books last night (after dancing around the house to TLC..ask 9er) so we can not only perfect the Wacko Macko, but we can also imbibe on our own killer Long Islands my dear....wooohoo! When ya comin' over to be my recipe guinea pig?;).

Mulletwine said...

Damn! I'm so sorry I had to miss out on the festivities. Stupid maid of honor duties that bring me to Milwaukee on the weekends. :( Well, I should be in town the last two weekends in June so we should definitely put in some guinea pig time with lp, aussie, and niner (like how I just invited myself there--just go with it!). [Laura's friend Sara]

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Chuckdaddy - It's a indicator of just how bad the service industry has become.

Airam - thanks. It was a good one!

Justin - I agree. I plan to do it more often now.

Blythe - glad I could be of service!

Mr. Shain - I agree with Blythe: it means you and your friends are awesome. PS - I love that you and Blythe have conversations with each other in other people's comments sections.

Sunshine - really? Hmmmmm.

Betty - yeah, I did. Not proud of it certainly.

Kaz - I think I'll stick with something less cockroachy!

LP - How about this weekend in Indiana? We'll turn the lakeside cottage into a experimental lab?

Mulletwine - where are your priorities? OK, then, we'll definitely do it when you are around.

ReckenRoll said...

You know you aren't a skater when you call them "skateboarders". Not that I am a skater. I am just down with the lingo.

Word G Money.

I want a Wacko Macko...and a nap.

Happy Birthday Wingman. XOXOXO!

lp said...

Hmm, now there is an idea. Maybe we could perfect our own recipe for chili mac as well :).

Julie_Gong said...


And I totally would have bought you a drink.

NamesAreHardToPick said...

Hey at least you don't live in a dry county. Every bottle is disguised as real alcohol, but is really not. I mean what kind of city bans alcohol anyway? That's just losing good tax revenue.

Jenny! said...

This weekend I spotted some dude pissing in the alley behind a dumpster...maybe that was you???

Mighty Dyckerson said...

I took a piss in a bottle once. I sold it to some gay guy and told him it was a Long Island Iced Tea.

blythe said...

At first, I believed that you like that Mr. Shain and I have little conversations in comments sections, but I'm starting to rethink it. In any event, I peed in a bush and thought of you. Two things are untrue about the previous statement.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Recken: We'll have the Wacko Macko when you come visit. PS - Remember my birthday two years ago at Kate's? That was one of my best birthdays ever. Thanks for being a part of it.

LP: yep, it is going to be fun.

Gong: I always thought you would!

Names: Totally agree.

Jenny!: Yep, that was definitely me.

Dyckerson: You should probably think about mass marketing it, 'cuz man that shit was good!

Blythe: I was serious about the conversations between you and Mr. Shain!!

Alison said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I'm Not Carrie Bradshaw said...

Sorry I'm so late to the party. Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you are making the most of it which makes me proud of you! Can't wait for your visit in August! Can we make some Wacko Macko's when you get here?