Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm On The Boat Shoe Boat!

That right there is a photo of my latest purchase.

Yeah, they're boat shoes. And they're spectacular.

And I don't care how much you dislike them. I've been hankering to buy me some for several months now, and the write-up in this month's GQ sealed the deal (not to mention a story
from last summer in the NYT).

I never had a pair growing up (didn't really want them actually; mostly because they weren't considered cool on da South Side -- only the lame suburban kids wore them).

But I'm bringing the boat shoe back, bitches. Big time. And yes, they'll go sweetly with my favorite shorts, in case you were asking.

Bring on summer! PROPER!


Tyler said...

I am wearing Sperry top siders right now. I think they are The Shit.

House of Jules said...

I'll take boat shoes on a man any day of the week instead of those horrible Teva-style sandals. As for your favorite shorts, get this: Someone wore this shirt on a show my friend & I saw and he wanted it bad, but we couldn't find out who makes it. One day, over a year later, I happened across a random show on 2 California "dudes" who were exchanging their catering services for clothes at a new clothing line store opening party; and you guessed it, they are the designers of the coveted crow t-shirt (and your reversible shorts!), which my friend got from me for his birthday. I will always know that little crow icon from a mile away. He is going to cry when he sees these shorts and finds out he can't have them.
House of Jules

Mr. Shain said...

wow, in an ironic twist of fate, blythe already beat you to the punch with her latest blog, in which she blast boat shoes and the frat boys who wear them. moreover, i already threw my support behind boat shoes in her comments section. this is awkward because now i have nothing bitchy to say about this post.


KAZ said...

Hm.. Are they - like - recycled?

bloggingbarbie said...

so your preppyness right now? making barbie swoon.

le. swoon.

that is all.

KateR - Seattle/London/wherever said...

Wow - I'm having flash backs to 1984 - first you revive the two fingered "up yours" gesture, and now the boat shoe. What next, penny loafers and neon legwarmers?

5 of 9er said...

WEEEEEEEEAK! You should go hang out in Wrigleyville with all of the Collar Poppers who wear those shoes.

classyandfancy said...

I had a pair of Eastland oxfords in the 6th grade that were mighty fine. I'll dig em up (yes, they still fit me) and we'll stomp the yard together or make them part of the uniform for our America's Next Dance Crew crew.

Big Daddy said...

I love those shorts of yours.

blythe said...

i will capsize your boat shoe boat.

Mr. Shain said...

collar-popper! HA!

I'm Not Carrie Bradshaw said...

Those would also go with some lovely madras shorts, just in case you were wondering. I wholly aprove!

JUSTIN said...

No...just no.

I'm Frank said...


I like the style, but I prefer loafer-ish shoes or sandals, only because tying my shoes is one of those mundane, everyday things that I can't be bothered to do.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Do you have special shoes for all modes of transportation? Like subway sandals or airplane loafers??

Jake Titus said...

Add an IZOD shirt (collar up of course) and a Members Only jacket and your the king shit!

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Tyler:: I know, right? Fuck everyone else; we know what is cool.

Jules:: Modern Amusement is The Shit.

Mr.Shain:: I breathe a sigh of relief.

Kaz:: No, they aren't. But the leather is already o so soooft.

Barbie:: Despite the evidence, I do not consider myself a preppie. But I will let other locals (Niner, LP, Justin, Classy, Dr. Ken) disagree.

Kate:: Hey, whatever it takes! All I know is that the boats and the "V" will rule my summer.

Niner:: Screw you - I am nothing like the north side frat boys!

Classy:: Let's incorporate as part of our Lolla uniform.

Big Daddy:: Thanks, they are truly awesome.

Blythe:: Bring it!

Not Carrie:: I thought you might. I still don't have the madras shorts, but I think they are on the list for the summer. PS - Pretzel Chocolate Bar is (also) The Shit.

Justin:: Jealous.

Frank:: If you wear them right, there's no need to tie them.

Dyck:: Yes. You should see my Soul Train shoes.

Jake:: I have a Members Only, but I refuse to by an Izod...

Spammon said...

I second the favor for the penny loafers. I used to put dimes in mine because the phones cost a quarter.