Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!Here's how I'll be celebrating:

  1. Taking Wendell G. out for an all-natural fruit smoothie.
  2. Doing this to every SUV driver I see (except I'll be flipping the "V" instead of the finger).
  3. Choosing not to shower today. Or use toilet paper.*

* This is really no different than any other day, though.


Spammon said...

Is Earth Day supposed to be the Earth's birthday? How did someone figure that out? If everyone in the world sang happy birthday at the same time, could we hear it in space?

d said...

i've been scratching my head trying to come up with an idea of how to celebrate earth day, not using toilet paper seems like the perfect solution.


paul said...

I've only been able to cut it back to one-ply. I applaud your efforts!

Ben said...

Rock on, granola brother.

Jake Titus said...

1. Wendell is a lucky bastard.
2. Well done. You could also shout "V-you and the h2 you rode in on!"
3. O.K. you're hardcore. Can you atleast try dead leaves or something of that sort?

H.E.D. to you as well.

minijonb said...

i'll dump some sugar in the gas tank of an SUV... muwahahah...ha

classyandfancy said...

Tell me that you'll at least douche today.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Spammon:: I don't think so. I think Earth's birthday is actually March 2nd.

D:: Join the anti-TP revolution!

Paul:: Yeah - it's all or nothing with me.

Ben:: I'm not really granola. More the artificial sugary stuff that's sometimes used to hold granloa together.

Jake:: Dead leaves give me chafing.

MiniJB:: Or that.

Classy:: "Summer's Eve" is my middle name.

House of Jules said...

You have a very fresh sounding middle name. All for now.
House of Jules

I'm Frank said...

I celebrated by walking everywhere today and not driving.

This may have been due to the fact that I don't own a car and all the drunken football players have already wrecked all the campus bikes.

C said...

No toilet paper! GACK@!

Mood Indigo said...

So I can't leave a comment on your newest post so I'm leaving it here. Working at home can suck! It zaps your energy and makes anything else that might make ya feel lonely 10 times worse. I'm totally confident that this is just a bump in the road - sucks that there are dips along the way to fabulousness but sometimes ya just have to deal. Just think how different life is sure to look 2 years from now? You should give the teenager and 20-something the V and leave it at that.

Michael5000 said...

What Mood Indigo sez.

Anonymous said...