Tuesday, January 31, 2006

One week left in Sydney...

My time in Australia is winding down; a week from now I will be on a plane back to the States. So I've been busy doing all the things I wanted to do over the last 5 weeks that I haven't yet gotten around to. I guess I figured that by sitting back and relaxing the things on my to do list would just naturally happen, but no.

Since the weather here has been crappy for the most part, one of the things on the list was to improve my tan. It was sunny yesterday so I went to Coogee and got a burn. I'm hopeful that it will fade into a nice brown color by next week.

Today sitting outside a certain Seattle-based international coffee chain, I watched as the pigeons descended on two different sets of Japanese tourists sitting at the tables around me. In both cases, a pigeon would jump onto their tables, causing the tourists to scream and run away. The pigeon would then be joined by other pigeons and together they would eat whatever food the tourists left on the table -- in these cases, half a piece of cheesecake and half a bagel. My question is: do they not have pigeons in Japan? Are pigeons that scary that they'd cause you to leave your food at the table to run for your life? I'm now convinced that as long as there are Japanese tourists in Sydney, Sydney will always have a pigeon problem.

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