Thursday, January 19, 2006

Stimulating Conversations with the Locals - Pt. II

The other day at the Victoria Park Pool:
[Background: I know I have issues when it comes to slow people swimming in the designated fast lanes. But the other day I was in the fast lane and shared it with a woman who was seriously the slowest person I've seen in the fast lane in a long time. I think it is really inconsiderate and rude when people do this. And don't give me that whole "maybe she didn't see the 'fast lane' sign" crap because that would make her blind as well as stupid. In the course of 15 minutes I had to swim around her about ten times.]
Slow-ass woman: "Wow, you're really fast."
Me: "Yeah, well that's why I'm in the fast lane."
Slow-ass woman (clearly not picking up on the biting sarcasm in my last comment): "Yeah, I feel like I'm practically standing still swimming in this lane with you in here."
Me: "..."

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