Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Some Thoughts on 2006

Things I Could Do Without in 2006:

  1. Nicole Ritchie – she’s gross.
  2. American Apparel Ads – they’re gross.
  3. “Times New Roman” font (esp. as the default in Word)
  4. Swass
  5. Sizzle Reels
  6. Tom Cruise
  7. Piercings
  8. “On no you di-int!”
  9. The Eurovision Song Contest
  10. Those photos with the little babies dressed as flowers
  11. My humps. Or your humps, or anybody’s humps, really.
  12. T-shirts with stupid, lame sexual double-entendre references, like “Woody’s Longboards” or “Cleveland Coffee Roasters – Start Your Day with a Cleveland Steamer!”
  13. Another iPod product. Seriously, let’s give it a rest Steve.
  14. Nickelback

Things I Could Have More of in 2006:

  1. Arrested Development
  2. Crimped hair (on women or men)
  3. More jokes/comments about Your Momma
  4. Eurovision Song Contest Parties
  5. Cadbury Malt Crisps
  6. Limahl
  7. Rockin’ to the Beat
  8. Stevie Nicks
  9. Kilts
  10. Pink (the color, not the singer)
  11. Merino Wool
  12. Cornhole (the game, not the other thing)
  13. Moo n' Oink

1 comment:

Todd said...

Mon Dieu I adore Merino. I can't wait to see what this year brings with your lists.