Friday, January 20, 2006

Why I Love the Midwest - Pt. 1

I'll be heading back to Chicago soon, back to the Midwest. Read this article in the Battle Creek (MI) Enquirer (courtesy of Beerzie Boy), which makes me realize why I miss it...

According to the article, a man destroyed his car by putting his toolbox on the accelerator, while he pushed the car out of a mud field. Per the article, according to police "The man was successful in freeing the vehicle, although unsuccessful regaining control of the vehicle" as he chased behind it. My favorite part of the whole incident was the following description: "The car reached an estimated speed of 100 mph, traveled a half-mile, sometimes becoming airborne. The car then struck a tree."

I seriously would have paid a hundred bucks to see that. "Sometimes becoming airborne" - priceless.

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