Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Day of Lists

Three things that are scaring the bejesus out of me today:

  1. Bird Flu is (finally) spreading through human contact.
  2. And if Bird Flu doesn't kill us all, then an asteroid on April 23, 2036 will.
  3. Someone let Ginger Spice breed. And name her own children.

Two bands whose bandwagon I won't be jumping on:

  1. Arctic Monkeys - admit it, you don't like them either. How could you? You just heard their name tossed around and thought liking them would be cool. Trust me, nobody will be listening to these guys by February. Plus, it's bad when pop princess trio does a remake of your song and its better than your version.
  2. Wolfmother - Christ, I'm tired of hearing about these guys already. Don't get me wrong, their music WAS good - when it was done by Ozzy Osbourne the first time around.

Case in point, I was talking the other day to a friend (whose name I won't mention because I don't want to embarrass him and, besides, he's supposed to get me a t-shirt) who told me how he was looking forward to seeing both acts at this weekend's Sasquatch Music Festival. When I pointed out that both bands do actually suck, he said "Yeah you're right."

One thing I WILL be doing this weekend:

  1. X-Men III. Oh yeah bitches.


darci said...

a couple things, a) "Laser," in the Asteroid article made me laugh - the world will never be the same post Austin Powers. b)thank god for Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and Dustin Hoffman -- they've saved the planet from such evils before.

Ill Jackasico said...

Zolna -

I think you should listen to Richard, if your musical taste is any indication, you are a geezer.

Have you seen Wolfmother or the Monkeys in concert or are you just being a hater for haters sake? Becuase if you are, go drink your HATERAID somewhere else.

Monkeys arent that good, but they are 19!!! I could barley walk when I was 19. I still can barley walk.

Wolfmother is deep, takes chances and plays like they have a pair. EVERY band takes some cues from LED and Ozzy and now the White Stripes.

Give me a review of ABBA that I can trust - until then, lets leave the metal reviews to the Ill Jackass.