Monday, May 15, 2006

I Have Nothing Witty To Say

Sleepless nights in Vegas and long hours of moving boxes have taken their toll and as I sit here trying to focus on the screen I must admit defeat - I'm officially sick. Or maybe it isn't the lack of sleep over the last week but really the 40 degree temperatures these last few days. I blame the weather. Either way, I have nothing of any merit or importance to write today (yet).

I was going to write something about "A case of the Mondays" but anyone reading this that doesn't know me might think that I was actually trying to be funny and ironic by quoting from Office Space. But since the shark jumped that one a long time ago I am going to leave it be.

We bought my Mom an iPod Nano for Mother's Day, and she was surprised and totally excited (since she'd been wanting one for a long time). To get her started, I burned 3 disks of songs I thought she'd like. I could have easily made 10 disks for her, since by the end of Vol. III I was only through the "L"s in my library.

I hadn't made a CD for anybody in about a year (even though I've been promising friends that I would) and now that I've got the fever back I think I might just get back in the habit. Last year, I made the first in what I hoped would be a quarterly series of compilation CDs (called "Sour Cream" which had to do with my old MyNacho blog site) that I sent out to a few friends. It was well received, but sadly I lost enthusiasm for it and only got through Vol. I. I'm thinking of trying again with new vigor, especially since I've been listening to some great new stuff lately.

In other news, I (finally) moved into my brother's new condo this weekend which is closer to work and pretty much everything else.

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