Friday, May 05, 2006


Once again, random Friday thoughts:

  1. The Chinese love their spittle. So much so, that the government has launched a spit crackdown. (PS - isn't that a great name for a band - Spit Crackdown?) Could someone explain this one to me - Singapore "hotel staff are upset with Chinese tourists spitting in their rooms"? Who spits in their hotel room? Who spits anywhere?
  2. Another cool names for a band is "Afraid of Frida."
  3. What happened to Pepsi One? It was my favorite soda and I can't find it anywhere. Yet, the market is still flooded with that lousy Coke Zero product.
  4. I'm going to be doing some spring cleaning on my site. New look (hopefully soon) and also weeding through my blog links on the right. Yes, I do read all the sites along my Freeway of Love, but some of you (I'm not naming names) haven't updated in awhile and are about to get the axe. Step up to the plate.
  5. And speaking of the axe, Ida the potato chip has reached the winter of her life. Not only is she in a million little pieces (see photo below), but upon hearing of her plight, my boss ordered the landlord to issue a thorough vacuuming of the entire office over the weekend (that's the tip of my foot to give you a sense of scale).
  6. I totally forgot my friend Krista's birthday, which was, like, last week. Like she needed another reason to point out my failure as a friend.
  7. Is it widely known and generally accepted that mattresses are expensive? And if so, why didn't I know about it?
  8. Tragic Drag Queen of the Week will be back. It is not a question of why but a question of when (sorry Fred).
  9. Sadly, I did NOT score tickets to Conan next week while he's in Chicago, although I wouldn't have been able to go anyway as I'll be in Vegas (hamming it up with power tool, plumbing and paint manufacturers). But that won't stop me from telling people I'm not going to Conan because I have to go to Vegas.


Debbie said...

Mattresses are hella expensive. The last cheap mattress I bought was from PJ's Sleep Shop on Hawthorne, and it was USED. Can you imagine? I guess these are the choices you make when you're 22 and broke.

I suppose it's good that some vaccuuming is going to happen, but I feel a little sad about saying goodbye to Ida, I hope you're planning to give her a proper send-off.

Shaun said...

*reaches for white terry slippers in my Singapore hotel room* Eewwh!

Wingman said...

Buying a mattress is like going to a used car dealership. They will ALWAYS try to upsell you and get you on a finance plan (I AM NOT KIDDING!). Be afraid. Be very afraid.

How did you not know this?