Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Report: the Red Line Will Kill You

This special report issued today from the Tribune's "hip" little sister Red Eye about the level of germs and the possibility of catching something from riding public transportation. Yay for the Brown Line, for being cleaner than the Red. Bottom line: don't touch a surface on the bus or train and then eat a finger lickin' good meal from KFC (or anywhere else) without first washing. And if you needed a report to tell you that, you've got bigger problems than catching a cold from the L.

Should this really be a surprise to anyone? I read somewhere recently that a public toilet is cleaner than the NYC subway (and although I wouldn't be surprised, I tend to think that's not quite true). And from personal experience, I can attest that the London Tube is actually Influenza on Rails (I was sick for about 2 straight weeks of the 6 weeks I was there.) But I've always chalked it up to the annoying-yet-acceptable risk of using public transport. The trade-off for the special doses of humanity we get to witness by sharing a seat with people who smell of cheese or Play Doh.

Favorite quote from the article: "I try so hard to keep my hands to myself, but you just can't help grabbing onto the poles..." Yeah, that same issue has got me in trouble before too.


CHW said...

I have this quote stuck in my head and I can't remember which movie it's from, but these two guys walk into a public restroom to take a leak. Talking away to one another at the urinals, they finish up and one heads to the sink, the other heads to the door.

"Aren't you going to wash your hands?" the guy at the sink asks.

"Fuck no. I wash my hands BEFORE I touch my dick."


darci said...

I can't believe you went with the mini hot-dog on airplane wheels. *sigh* this week just SUCKS.

Pink Hobbit said...

i need a new Cherry Ride poll to make life worth living this week, please.

RichJ said...

FINALLY someone has heard my public transport phobia!!!!!! (yes, my dear Cherry-Ride/Nachos/ even thought I was a little 'loco' for bringing it up months ago!) Never never never never never EVER touch those skanky poles on trains/buses/strip joints! Its so much easier balancing yourself off the ahhem..kindness of strangers! (besides what better way to piss off your fellow comuters, and wake the poor miserable bastards in the mornings!)