Sunday, May 07, 2006


After last night's Seis de Mayo Party, I think I may have an obsession with Pinatas. Someone brought a little one (which we named Mo'neeq, pictured above with Fred, me and Laura) with good candy - like Crunch bars, 100,000 Grand bars - not the usual lame stuff. Mo'neeq was such a pretty and loyal (two qualities required from my friends) little puppy. Until Laura pointed out that she was a bull, not a puppy. I still wanted to take her home with me but of course a pinata with that kind of booty up her booty was not going to survive this crowd (she never really stood a chance).

Photos from the party on Flickr.

THIS JUST IN: According to the [very scientific] Cherry Ride Survey, almost 1 in 3 of you celebrated the weekend with an extra item from the Taco Bell menu. Five of you wore gaucho pants and six of you were planning to get gored in the ass by something/someone that wasn't necessarily a bull.

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