Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Didn't Do Shit This Weekend

Instead of going to see Augusten Burroughs discuss his new book Firday night, Richard and I loitered with our friend Kathleen over beers at Sheffield's. Kathleen was in from Portland with her boyfriend Rick, and we'd agreed to a quick happy hour beer before she and Rick went to the Drive By Truckers and we went to the book signing. But we stayed at Sheffield's later than planned, decided to get pizza instead (our second deep-dish pizza in a week), and completely ditched seeing Burroughs.

Instead of going to Home Depot and running lots of errands on Saturday, we went to watch Fred's softball game at Grant Park. Richard is totally uninterested in softball, so while Laura and I cheered Fred and his team team (they lost, but they're improving and looking better than two weeks ago), Richard took a nap in the sun.

Instead of cleaning and organizing the new place Saturday night, we all went to a party at Lucas and April's, where the food was good but I was practically forced to drink a whiskey and Coke (and thanks to my teen misadventures of raiding my father's liquor cabinet combined with college swim team parties where I was required to drink "my share" of Wild Turkey ["the team's "official alcoholic beverage" whatever that meant] I have an intense hatred of whiskey) but at least I made two new Flickr! friends.

Which finally brings us to Sunday, where instead of going to the gym, installing closet solutions and putting up pictures, we slept in, I stuffed my gullet at some Lithuanian restaurant in Burbank (of all places) and chased it down with some Munchkin donut holes from Dunkin' Donuts for dessert.

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Alison said...

I didn't go to Augusten either because I had to go to a party and break a glass, spillng red wine all over the beige carpet. He's going to be at the Printer's Row book fair on the 3rd, so there's a second chance for us all!