Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New Look for the Cherry Ride

Many of you know that I'm in the process of considering moving forward with possibly thinking about potentially planning to make some changes to the look and feel of my blogsite. Nothing too major - a new banner mostly.

I've got some ideas for it, most of which involve doing something with the image used in my Blogger Profile to the right. People have asked me "What's the Deal?" with my blogger photo, and some that don't know me are shocked to learn that I'm actually not a young asain girl. The reason for the photo is this: I didn't want to use a photo of my own, so when I set up this blog I did a photo search for "Cherry Ride" and the photo of the girl in the kiddie coupe was one of the photos that came back. I thought it was funny, so I used it.

The same site with the kiddie coupe (a children's toy website) also has a bunch of other images of children in toy cars, many of which I also found funny. So now I'm at a point where, if I decide to use an image of a child in a toy car riding along the highway, I have several to choose from.

So this is the point in my post where I place post them all below and ask any of you who read my blog (apparently as many as 40-50 people a day) to vote on which of the following photos I should use.* I was originally hoping I could find a photo of Stylin Rob bare-chested with his hair slicked-back, posing next to a bitchin' camaro, but alas, I'm not that lucky. 'Cuz that would have been Gold I tell ya.

#1 - the old standard. What's not to love about this photo - adorable & innocent (kinda like me).

#2 - this boy in the Big Wheel is having maybe just a little too much fun - cute/disturbing at the same time (again, kinda like me)

#3 - I have this same visor and red checkered shirt (except I've cut off the sleeves so I can wear it clubbing). She's havin fun and has her hands placed in the "10-and-2" position, which shows she's a good driver - fun and safe (not really like me, though).

Well, what do you think?

* Please note that I have pretty much made up my mind on this already and your opinion probably won't sway my opinion. But I'm into group ownership, so please, let your opinion fly....


Jbro said...

#2. Although remember Will we can do amazing things with PhotoShop. SR by a Camero or maybe a Mustang could be in your immediate future.

Pink Hobbit said...

#1 is my vote. It's the most random. (Also kind of like you)

Pablo said...

# 1 most definatly.

Anonymous said...

#2 most DEFINITELY (pablo)

pablo said...

im definatly an dommy

Wingman said...

Or #3.

darci said...

#3, that car is hot. #1 is like the geo-metro of plastic cars, no worse, it's like a tiny mis-shaped hot-dog with the landing gear of a 757. Whereas #3 is like the BMW of plastic cars. Look at those rims.

#2 just scares me. seriously. that kid will rub up and down things, and maybe people one day. *shudder*

Kate said...

I say #3 - change of scene will do us good :)

George W. Bush said...

Or maybe #2.
I like #3, too.

Use all three.