Thursday, April 27, 2006

Potato Chip II: Electric Boogaloo


I'm Ida the potato chip. I have been
living underneath Will's office desk for, oh, at least 3 weeks. Possibly longer but I can't quite remember. Since neither Will nor the cleaners (who get paid and are supposed to vacuum me and other things that live under office desks) have taken me away, I lay here 24/7 with not much to do but turn a little green around the edges.

When Will comes in each morning the first thing he does (next to picking his nose and playing with his little Godzilla toy perched next to his monitor) is look down to see if I'm still there. And each day he gives this look of disgust. Or maybe it is a look of relief since I am his only friend here in the office.

Yesterday Will, while stretching his legs, "accidentally" put his foot on top of me and caused me to break into about 15 pieces (see photo below)! And yet, I am still here, laying under the desk waiting to be cleaned away.

Despite the fact that I am pumped full of chemical additives and preservatives, I hope I turn completely green soon and start stinking up the place so that Will will be forced to throw my sorry ass into the garbage. 'Cuz lord knows the cleaning crew ain't about to do it.

Don't I look fetching??

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the belligerent intellectual said...

See, that would just never happen with a Dorito. In fact, that should be the basis for the entire Doritos ad campaign: "Would you leave a Dorito on the floor? - No."