Monday, April 24, 2006

Me and Beyonce - Separated at Birth

[Maestro, cue "Crazy in Love"]...
I found this website called MyHeritage, which will analyze your photo and tell you what celebrities you look most like. This site is great because if nothing else it can definitively answer the question: "Which celebrity would play you in your made-for-TV movie?"

Well, maybe.
Apparently, in my case the celebrity who would play me in a movie would have to be the spawn of Beyonce and Liberace (and, as much as I like Poppin' My Collar and gin n juice, I’m about as black as John Denver).

I have been told that I look like a number of different celebrities (Scott Wolf and/or Jon Cryer are two of the more common actors I get compared to), but the folks at MyHeritage say I look more like Sarah Silverman or Rudy Giuliani. Which, OK, whatever. They’re the experts, I guess.

If you haven't, you need to check it out. It can be a humbling experience.
Here is the first photo I used:

And these are some of the celebrity photos that resemble me:

Rudy Giuliani Robert Patrick Sarah Silverman Beyonce Liberace

Is this a joke? Liberace?? Although I will admit I look a hell of a lot like Sarah Silverman in that picture.

On the plus side, the MyHeritage did say I looked like Colin Farrell too:

So to summarize: Liberace - BOO. Colin Farrell - YAY!

PS - As I am not completely satisfied with the results, I do plan on submitting another photo of me that I hope will return the results I want. Stay tuned...

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