Thursday, April 20, 2006

Potato Chip

The day I moved into my cubicle, I noticed a potato chip under my desk, towards the corner (yep, that's a photo of it above). I meant to pick it up and throw it away but got distracted and forgot. The next day I noticed it still there. Again, thought about throwing it out but fogot. And then the next day I noticed it was still there.

We have a cleaning crew that comes through here each night to clean, and yet the potato chip was not vacuumed up by the cleaners. It seems to me that maybe they're not doing as thorough a job as they should be.

So now it is a battle of wills. I am not going to pick it up because I think the cleaning person should vacuum it away. And now, said potato chip has been under my desk for almost two weeks. I wonder how long it is going to stay there. Anyone want to place any bets? I'm giving it a month.

1 comment:

BeckyE said...

I'm scared for you. If the potato chips gets up and moves, throw it away.

I'm betting on 8 more business days before the cleaning crew gets it.