Sunday, April 30, 2006

"Tap That" This Spring

When asked what activity you will do most this Spring, a clear majority of you (24% or a whopping 10 people) are going to "Tap That." Bravo.

Sadly, only one of you (and it wasn't me) is going to start an A Capella quintet, which disproves my theory that the rise in popularity of A Capella is in direct proportion to the price of gasoline.

And bad news for Tom: only 5% (2 of you) are going to wait in line to see M:I3. I'm pretty sure one of you is my dad, but who is the other one?

That same number is going to drink more wine coolers. C'mon people, you disappoint me - like me, wine coolers are fun. And fruity.
And delicious!

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