Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sox Game

Yesterday Fred took me to the Sox vs. Indians game, my first Sox game in about 25 years.

On the way to the game on the train I was stopped by a woman who, upon seeing my Sox cap said to me: "Sox are gonna WIN today!" a few decibels higher than what I might consider appropriate for the morning train. Everyone in the car turned to look, and all I could do was sort-of nod my head and look away, embarrassed. Apparently not satisfied with my response, she continued: "...because it's MY BIRTHDAY!!" That's great, drunk-at-10:30am-lady. Now please move along.

The weather was supposed to be great for it, but it turned out to be downright cold (shocker, I know). I spent most of the game shaking from the cold, imagining that it was August and sunny. I am not close to being considered a fan of baseball but I love going to games, so hopefully this was the first of many this summer. After 11-innings, Sox lost 4-3. A great time overall, but a few highlights:

  • Because we were among the first 20K into the park, we got a commemorative replica of the Sox 2005 World Champion Trophy. If that wasn't good enough, someone told me I could probably get a few hundred dollars for it on eBay.
  • Had my first PBR in, like, five years (thanks, Laura!). It is the first time I willingly chose one in my life...ever. (The only other option was a Miller Lite, so it wasn't really such a tough decision.)
  • Fred told me he actually has a blog, but won't give me the URL. Dickhead.
  • In a moment of spontaneous inspirational dance, I saw an old guy a few rows ahead of us standing up and doing the robot. No joke, the robot. And he was like 65 years old. Unfortunately I may have been the only one who witness this - Fred missed it.
  • Fight in the outfield. I bet it was Ms. Drunk Birthday Lady too.
Below a photo of Fred and I standing next to the almighty Sox 2005 World Champion Trophy. (A life-altering moment for me.)

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JBro said...

I have a friend in Portland who always gets really uncomfortable when faced with over zealous Duck fans. Now we are both Duck fans and avid sports enthusiasts, but how exactly do you respond to said outbursts...
Um, uh huh, ok...go!