Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Cancel My Subscription

I love GQ Magazine, despite their occassional missteps.
But this month I just have to put my foot down for several bad calls.

  • Their softball interview with this month's cover boy, Tom Cruise was just plain wrong. There are some serious weird issues happening with the guy, and I think someone needs to call him on it. And all GQ did was kiss his ass and give him yet another platform to discuss his skewed views and display his strange, robotic and zombie-like mannerisms.
  • There's a small guide to decorating your place with flowers which is a little soft for my tastes. (I challenge you to find me one straight guy - GQs claimed audience - who has ever bought flowers for the purpose of making his place look nicer.) Bad call.
  • But the nail in the coffin was a short blurb in the style section about buying tassled loafers. Loafers? With tassles?? Now you might think the article was about why not to buy tassled loafers, but no. It was about why they're good with your summer suits.

I draw the line with tassled loafers. Cancel my subscription.

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