Sunday, April 02, 2006

I Am a Benelovent Visionary

I took a personality quiz from a site called Personal DNA that tests my personality. You should take it too (but give yourself about 15 minutes to do it, and another 30 to analyze the results it spits back out to you).

It turns out that I am a "Benelovent Visionary" represented visually like this:

But truth be told, even after reading the detailed description of what a "Benelovent Visionary" is, I still don't quite know. Overall I am fine with the results (but I guess they could tell me that I was a "Depressive Sociopath" and I would have been fine with that too), except that part of being a BV requires (despite "average masculinity") having "a high degree of femininity." And everyone that knows me knows how that is TOTALLY NOT TRUE.

Anyone interested in reading my full report it is here:

My Personal Dna Report

And on another matter altogether, aren't they supposed to announce when it is Daylight Savings? Or have they been doing that and I am that completely out of touch with reality?

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Anonymous said...

I think, "a high degree of femininity." fits you to a T ;-)