Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Insomnia, Stirring Deep Inside*

All my life I've never had trouble sleeping. I can sleep anytime, anywhere. Seriously, no matter where I am - at work, in a movie theater, on the pool deck, driving the car - if I were to just close my eyes I could be asleep in mere minutes, even if I didn't feel "sleepy."

When my head hits the pillow - snap! - I'm asleep. And I don't move or stir until the alarm goes off the next morning. This has always been a good thing for me, to the envy and frustration of friends who lie in bed at night staring at the ceiling and/or have a hard time getting out of bed because they're tired.

Lately something's been happening that is just really starting to piss me off. For the past two months, on average of 3-4 nights a week, I wake up sometime between 2 am and 3am completely wide awake and can't fall back asleep until around 4 am. On those nights, it is virtually impossible for me to get out of bed when my alarm goes off at 5:05 -- I am either so out of it that I switch the alarm off without even knowing it, or I think, "Hmm, I can get up now and swim or I can sleep another two hours." Yeah, that's a tough choice.

And no, I don't have a lot on my mind and am not stressed (certainly no more than I've been at other times in my life). I've even tried cutting caffeine after 6pm but that ain't helping either.

I might have to kill someone if things don't get back to normal soon.

* a special Cherry Ride shout-out to whomever can tell me from what song that lyric is from, (without googling it, of course).

UPDATE - Wow, Fred rocks!


5 of 9er said...

"Insomnia, stirring deep inside" is a Megadeth song... how the hell do you know this? I share office space with a metal company so I have to listen to that crap every day... in fact, Dave over there is wearing a Megadeth hoodie today. Never picked you for being a Megadeth fan. Wow!

5 of 9er said...

Now give me my shout out!

NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I'm very dissapointed in myself for not getting the Megadeth quote. I really only like Rust in Peace. That's my joint, and perhaps the best metal record ever.

As far as your sleeping problem goes, have you tried burping the worm? That usually knocks me out cold.

classyandfancy said...

Maybe this Thanksgiving you can try a tryptophan cocktail and see how goes? Sounds delicious, no? You can also mass market it with a much better ad campaign than that damn Lunesta butterfly.

Katie in the UK said...

Maybe it's cause deep down inside you are still on London time?

Six Years Late said...

Have you suddenly got a child. Since I've had kids I wake up at the slightest sound at whatever time of the night/morning it is.

Matt said...

If I couldn't sleep when I was a kid, my parents would give me warm milk with brandy. Worked a treat, and gave me the robust liver I have today!

Dop said...

Could some of it be anticipation over Richard? Besides being 1) worried if he would get his green card, and 2) excited that he finally got it, could it also be just wonderment about your future together, now that everything is final? I expect it will all go away within a few weeks of when he arrives and you settle back into life as normal.

Also, when I wake up at night, I get a piece of paper and write down everything on my mind hoping that it might relax my subconcious.