Thursday, November 09, 2006


It has been a busy week so far and this is likely the only chance to write until Monday or so, as I’m off to DC tomorrow. Few things:

  • My faith in humanity and the US has – at least temporarily - been restored. Watching the news get better and better over the last 48 hours – first the Democrats take the House, then Rumsfeld resigns (holy crap I could go on and on about that one by itself!), then the Democrats take the Senate – almost makes up for the pain of two years ago. Almost. I’ve actually been waking up the last two mornings with a renewed sense of hope that maybe things can improve for the better.
  • I bought an iPod Shuffle on Sunday. Holy crap this thing is tiny and cool. It is supposed to make me want to go to the gym. (So far it hasn’t worked.) For the record, this the 5th iPod I’ve owned in 4 years (and certainly won’t be the last – I want a new 80-gigger for the holidays or soon after). But I must say that I’m a bit interested in the new Zune too, but I’ll likely wait a bit for that one -- I’ve suffered from the early adopter burn before.
  • I’m no doctor, but when I cough up some phlegm from my lungs that is grayish-purple in color, I’m thinking that can’t be a good thing.
  • Happy Birthday Laura and Fred!!!!
  • Finally, and most importantly, Richard got the green card. It is official. I could go on and on about this but then I’ll get choked up. So I won’t. But thanks to everyone for the comments and the emails and phone calls.


Sizzler Sister said...

Yay Richard!
Whew. When we hadn't heard from you I was a bit worried.
Not sure I'm with you on this whole Zune thing. Aren't we saying no to Microsoft these days?

I'm heading to DC on Monday for work - will you still be there?

Dop said...

I'm so happy about Richard - can't wait to meet him.

Todd said...

I do not like the sound of grayish-purple phlegm. Either you are smoking too much, or you have a collapsed lung. Or you have bronchitis. Please take care of yourself or I will chase you down. I don't like to worry.

kb said...

go green card! does this mean it's double-dating time?!?

Matt said...

So glad the green card came through, I can finally stop holding my breath!!

Congratulations to both of you.

And as for the grey/purple gunk, definatly get that checked out. That ain't right!

classyandfancy said...

Start playing Bill Wither's "Lovely Day" on repeat now! Sooo very happy for the two of you!

Pink Hobbit said...

Yay! Now I have to come visit!

darci ann said...

is this from the man that once mocked a shuffle ;) glad you like.

Six Years Late said...


Becky said...

Hey, Will!! See you SOON!! We're pulling out our best weather for your arrival. Yay, Richard!! Wonderful news! Welcome to America!

Ms Smack said...

fantastic flicker pics! Loved them :)

You guys look so cute as pandas hehe.