Friday, June 02, 2006

I try not to watch too much TV and usually I do a good job of it, but last night I turned it on and was reminded exactly why TV sucks. Or rather, why commercials suck:

  • Why is Celine Dion appearing on a "very special 90-minute season finale" of Deal or No Deal? Is this supposed to make anyone want to watch the show? And is Celine Dion even still really alive?
  • Why is Doritos doing commercials featuring Godzilla? Did I step into a time warp to about 1998 when that movie came out and sucked ass? Why on earth would anybody think doing an ad with Godzilla would be cool? Next, maybe Oreo can do an ad with Inspector Gadget.

Oh, and in other news, Wolfmother still sucks. (Sorry Ryan, it is true.)


Jasmineflower said...

strewth what a nightmare...Celine Dion and Godzilla!!!

Prashant Sridharan said...

I'm sorry, I thought Celine Dion was Godzilla.

gadgetgirl said...

on behalf of Sydney I would like to apologize for letting Wolfmother loose on the world.

I shoulda tripped that lead singer when I had the chance. bugger.

darci ann said...

Celine Dion is the dog's balls