Friday, June 23, 2006

Why Me?

Is there a pheromone that only attracts beggars, crazy people and street solicitors? If the answer is Yes, then I secrete it. What is it about me that will make one of these people single me out on a crowded street to ask for my time and/or money? It happens to me always.

Today: walking down the sidewalk in a crowd of 4 other people - all of us roughly the same height, body type, ethnicity, dress and age [in other words, very similar and indistinguishable in almost every way] -- and a street beggar decides that of the 5 of us, he's going to stop ME to ask for money.

Oddly, this same pheremone that makes me so detectable to the unwashed and unwanted on street corners makes me virtually invisible at parties, bars and other social situations in which being noticable would be considered "a good thing" or a "boost to self esteem."


Anonymous said...

Well, that pheremone made you the most attractive person in a sea of 10,000-odd Parade watchers...

S said...


See, I was going to comment that it appears that this talent of yours does not seem to be confined to the good ole USA cos there are some dodgy sorts down under too accosting you in the street (and perving at your arse!) ;-)